Autopsy Rd 12 Carlton vs Brisbane - Blues suffer winning faTeague

Who played well for the Blues in Round 12 vs the Lions?

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Oct 3, 2013
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I thought the same thing when I was at the ground when he took a mark on a wing and I had to blink twice because I was sure he’d been standing on the opposite wing, competing for the ball,15 seconds previously.

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When i watched the replay today, i was gobsmacked at how involved SPS was for the first 4 minutes of playing time in the 4th quarter.
Keep an eye out for anyone re-watching.

Was involved in everything and was working from wing to wing and half back to half forward to get from contest to contest. Was great to see.


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May 19, 2016
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We've actually got a reasonably healthy list now (thanks Jacky R) with the Blues and the magoo's winning, positions will be pretty competitive at the moment.

If one of H, Charles or Gov was out injured, I actually like to see Jonesy have a run up forward. It'd be interesting to see how much his game may have developed since moving down back...if nothing else, he'd be a headache to the opposition coaches and smash a few packs along the way.

We know his forward pressure would be huge like he's learnt to play down back.

Just a thought...
Leave Casboult and Jones put at opposite ends. Get a couple of alternating qtrs each, fwd and def. Be a shoot for goals AND defensive work. :D


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May 1, 2016
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We all liked BB but his short comings where obvious. Teague didn’t make that many changes but the little changes made on the weekend were enough for a win, yet Bolton refused to make them.
... despite him demonstrating that he could change minute aspects of games in his first year at the club.

Look, I'm hardly going to persuade anyone at this point. I view Bolton's lack of making the obvious changes on gameday as deliberate, and a component of his development mindset. Ultimately, it is this dedication to the future over the present that created his downfall; it was in attempting to fast-track players by playing them well before they were ready in their set position.

Whether or not this is a good or a bad change for the list and the club will not be immediately evident. What it does do is consign this year well and truly to the dustbin. Now, I understand there are those who would already think that - due to results - this year was already stuffed; this ignores the continuity of coaching towards a coherent set gameplan, one which has well and truly been uprooted by Bolton's removal.

Where before development and gameplan practice were possible before, now neither are.
That took the whole weekend to write.....
My teachers always said, "He doesn't waste time with a spoon when there's a shovel handy!"

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Sep 24, 2002
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Was thinking about how the Brions had two special commentators, who coincidentally were Brisbane greats. It would be awesome if we had some ex-Blues commentating. I suppose we've got Eddie......
I said the same thing in the game day thread after a Lions supporter was having a sook about Eddie's commentating. Ed will ALWAYS "support" the Vic teams over the non-Vic teams.


Premiership Player
Oct 10, 2008
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My point is there is no selection pressure to improve. We will not become a top 4 side with Jsos winning 7 possessions and Dow missing targets. I like the coach to send that message via the judicious use of dropping players
Jsos brings much more than just the 7 possessions for all those playing along on fantasy football...

His pressure, getting a hand on the ball, contesting is something that you can’t teach. He’s a very smart footballer who will only get better and better...

Deserves to be in the 1’s and is improving. Another 5kgs and look out...


All Australian
Apr 28, 2016
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Pretty good to get a win really and not all that unexpected, always beware the side with the new coach, it's a huge motivator and for most of our players it was.

I liked how we had forwards playing further away from the play more. Been saying it for ages and I also liked our outside game a lot better. More effective handball, less bombing it was good to see.

In saying this our kicking was terrible, we should have never had to make up 6 goals and we could have beaten them a lot easier if we start hitting targets and stop missing the easy goals. In the end it was effort and brilliance by a few talented players that did it. We'd be a lot better team if we could just tidy up the kicking.

Cripps - Had a quiet game last week but played one of the all time great individual games this week. Was truly far too good.

Walsh - This guy is awesome, he's one of the best first year players I have ever seen, he's just so clean and relentless. Just keeps going hard.

Ed Curnow - Really liked his game, to play a tagging role well and to get 30 disposals is good. I thought he was clean with his hands and used handball really well. Gave us a physical edge we've lacked.

SPS - I liked his game, made some errors but he was prolific enough.

Setterfield - Probably his best game of AFL footy, I thought he was cleaner than usual. He's still not the fit and strong finished product he needs to be to become a good AFL player but he was alright.

C Curnow - Statistically good game but I just felt he had another gear to go up. Really want to see him leading up hard at the ball more. His leading and positioning need work.

Gibbons - Liked his game a lot, he used it fairly well and looked good up in the midfield. Just added some experience and gave us a senior body with clean hands. Liked his short kicking game.

Weitering - He was awesome, too a lot of intercept marks, his effort and intensity define him, sometimes he tends to cruise and play a little laconic but when he shows aggression, physicality and genuine effort he is as good as the best.

Newman - He's proven to be a good pickup, he was great, I really like what his does and how he goes about it most of the time.

Thomas - Provides some intensity and effort back there and thought he was great.

Simpson - Same as Thomas, thought he provided some good run and experience.

Casboult - Took some good marks and made some good spoils. He's had a good run of form and when Jones is fit we will be wondering what we do here because he's restructured out defence and his form has been good. Just keeping it simple and playing to his strengths.

O'Brien - Probably his best game at the club, this is more the footy I was expecting from him. Found a little more of the ball and gave a little run. He was alright.

Fisher - Thought he was pretty good. The intensity, effort and speed he plays at is great and he used the ball and showed better composure.

McGovern - I like that he really makes the most of his opportunities and rarely misses shots on goal. He needs to get fitter and start leading up at the ball a lot harder. Handy player but he can get better.

Marchbank - Played a good game, took some crucial marks and looks to be playing and moving freely.

Kreuzer - Efforts was good and his game was handy. Solid performance.

McKay - Played a fairly poor game I thought, just seemed to be lost out there and rarely in good position. Was hoping to see more hard leading up at the ball but rarely saw any of that. His intensity was poor and he didn't lead hard enough. Got out marked too much. Needs to work on his positioning and leading, too often we got caught without a tall to go to or he was losing front position and not in a position to lead up at the ball carrier.

Plowman - Solid game.

Dow - He needs to get stronger and he needs to get better at kicking. Can see him probably taking a while to make it. Kicking let him down and lack of strength for an inside mid is a problem. Ideally should be developing in the VFL but our depth isn't there yet. Perhaps he needs to go down the Ed Curnow path and take on some tagging roles.

Cuningham - Kept nearly doing good things. It wasn't his best day but I thought he was ok, just not quite on.

Silvagni - Another nearly player. HE nearly has great games and nearly does good things. Effort is good but drops too many marks. Did a couple of nice things and is good at ground level but has some work to do.
Wow. You are a hard marker.

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Apr 20, 2017
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I know I'm late to the thread. But how bloody good was that win.
I was on a De-tox weekend. And the win certainly helped de-tox all the negativity from previous weeks.
So rapt for the Players, the Coach and of course us supporters.
Cripps the living God, supported by lots of worthy performances, Ed, Charlie, Walsh, Gibbons, Weiters, Casboult.
Great team effort all round.
Would be super fanstastical, if we can back up and beat the Dogs.
Go Blues, you bloody ripper. !!!

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Jun 3, 2019
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Apologies for the lateness of this post but WOOOHOOOO.

I have had a big 5 days. Decided to start my European vacation early by making it over to the Barty Party. Totally worth the jet lag! I finally watched the replay and what a great game. To be so far behind and come back - that sort of thing builds character.

Now we need to thrash the Bulldogs and go into the bye in a much better place! I cannot wait to get out of Paris (hate this city) and to London! Need to find a pup to watch this weekend's game.


Aug 26, 2004
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Oct 8, 2018
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Soapy V

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Sep 17, 2015
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Jsos brings much more than just the 7 possessions for all those playing along on fantasy football...

His pressure, getting a hand on the ball, contesting is something that you can’t teach. He’s a very smart footballer who will only get better and better...

Deserves to be in the 1’s and is improving. Another 5kgs and look out...
Agree but as we get better he needs to do more. He's at the stage now where he needs to become more consistent. Dropping too many marks IMO. With TDK Kerr pushing for spots soon and our tall depth developing he will need to play better.

PS I still believe his best spot is in defence

Soapy V

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 17, 2015
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