Review RD 12 Review - Bailey ‘GOAT’ Banfield Leads Freo to the Win

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So here's a question people can weigh in on...
Who thinks that for us to have a genuine chance to win the Premiership, we have to finish within the top two, and who of us believes that we can do it from a top four berth?
We don't need to finish top two, but we sort of need to win the first week after finishing top four. If that's winning at the Gabba, or MCG and then playing a preliminary final at home I think that's how we get to a Gf.

If we make a preliminary final I want it to be at Optus. So many of the sides who beat the home team in a prelim to make the GF also happen to play at that ground a lot.
Absolute rubbish. He is miles off being a liability in the slightest. He makes one bad mistake every now and then so everyone exaggerates. His disposal is more Luke Mcpharlin then Zac Dawson. Not a strength but not a huge issue either. The blokes been super consistent.
It's interesting comparing Alex Pearce, Luke McPharlin and Zac Dawson.

This is my view.

1st off, let's talk about Zac Dawson. Dawson off all 3 players was the least talented of The 3 blokes. He is 198cm and got the full back or ruckman on the goal square. He didn't Mark the ball. He rather punch it. He rarely kicked the ball, rather than hand it to a team mate that was a solid kick in the backline. So that was any of the other 5 blokes in the back 6.

Luke McPharlin in my opinion had the best skill set out of all 3 blokes. Can play full back at 193 cm. Can play CHB or even as a 3rd tall on a back pocket or back flank.

McPharlin could kick goals. Kicked 34 goals from 16 games in one season.

Alex Pearce is talent wise isn't as good as a prime McPharlin but is way better than Zac Dawson.

I looked at Alex Pearce play vs Brisbane this round. Sure he did make one or 2 errors which gave away 2 goals. But he is a good mark. At least he can do reliable 30-40 metre kicks unlike Zac Dawson.
We'll probably finish top four because the two games in the wet will come go bite us in the ass. This is why the Hawks game is a must win. To answer your question, no we don't need the top two finish to win a premiership. JLO has earnt my trust so I hope he'll make the changes necessary in the wet.
It's a weird position to be in.

Start of the season I would of been happy getting 7th or 8th spot after Justin Longmuir gradually building up from seasons 2020 and 2021.

I wouldn't mind a 2010 or 2012 type season of an elimination final win.

But it has that 2013 season vibe of winning away games and making a grand final.

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Would love to get an insight into guys like Meek, Hughes , Wilson etc that sit just outside the best 22 but know they are good enough for AFL

What’s the Thinking?
Do They stay with a side that’s on the up and maybe do a Marlion Pickett on the day Freo get yo the big dance ?

Or do they chase pay checks and more game time at other clubs ?
Ideally what they do is what Logue has done. He's step up from them, been dropped, but he is suddenly undroppable.
Watching the game again this evening, I was struck by one thought that shows the difference that Jo has made.

Not that long ago everybody was too scared to pull the trigger on goal and we couldn't get a decent score or recover lost ground. Now, they're queuing up to slot them. Tabs, Banners, Shooter, Serong, the Lobbster, Fast Freddie and even Griffin Bloody Logue. The massive turnaround in confidence up forward is just an absolute joy to watch. We can score. We can run down an opponents lead and we can win more games.

I'm loving the difference in attitude.
Great stat. Even with this, it seems to me like King just hates to say nice things about Freo. His reaction to this stat was, "It (the comp) is so even." Hmmmmmm....

What it looks like to me is that the reigning premiers have not performed like a top side against top sides. When everyone was asking "Who have freo beat?", no one said ***t about who the Dees were playing. They are the reigning premiers so they deserve the love, but c'mon, can someone show more than fingernail deep analysis. Leigh have seen Freo's strengths for weeks.

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I wonder why it never occurred to anyone on the Lions coaching panel to, maybe, play someone a little tighter on Freddie? Amazing how much space Brisbane gave him.
Hilariously as my brother pointed out: That was Zorko's responsibility. Called out his leadership and letting his man have so much space on him. Laments that he is their captain as he has bugger all accountability
Hilariously as my brother pointed out: That was Zorko's responsibility. Called out his leadership and letting his man have so much space on him. Laments that he is their captain as he has bugger all accountability
Zorko being their captain explains their shit culture of tryhard thuggery.
We are easily the best team in the competition. Who cares what King says or doesn't say. We are the greatest.and the flag is ours to lose!

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  • Aish should either superglue that headband on or just embrace it and shave his head.
  • Aish should just tattoo his arms purple to never be seen out of long sleeves again.
  • Aish has been a wonderful surprise this year.
  • Brayshaw is without a doubt a class above his peers. Still can't believe how badly we fleeced Gold Coast for him. Big thanks to Brisbane for taking Rayner before him too.
  • Role players playing their role and not sharting the bed. Great to see Banfield kicking 4 and taking his opportunities.
  • Fyfe back in next week.
  • Lack of Freo players in mid season AA calculations. Quite enjoy seeing it, the media can EAD.
  • 4 more wins before we lock in a finals spot, I really thought we would be in the logjam that is currently 12th-4th spot but finals now looks inevitable.
  • Footy is fun again even if my FreoPTSD kicks in early in the week.

- A bye coming up after this weekends which means no footy. Boooooo.
When people ask if Melbourne can win the flag? Everyone would say yes.
When people ask if Brisbane can win the flag? Everyone would say yes.
When people ask if Geelong can win the flag? A majority (especially Vics) would say yes.

We have beaten all three. We have been behind in each game. We have dominated large periods of the game in these contests.

When people ask if Fremantle can win the flag? Why do people doubt it? ESPECIALLY supporters?
Do you even Freo Cobbler?

Honestly though, you're right, we're a chance this year.

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I can’t come to grips with just how good we are.

I can’t come to grips with that forward line kicking 99 points against the team second on the ladder.

I went to the game expecting a loss and came away feeling like I am living in some parallel universe.

I fear a wet game next week, but my team are amazing me constantly this year.
I fear a wet game next week, but my team are amazing me constantly this year.

Yeah, its unsettling, but just one of those things that is bound to happen. Maybe its better we step up and overcome the wet condition situation before it gives us the yips, the earlier the better.

Just very fortunate and thankful that our injury run has been this good. The medical and fitness team has done a grea job. Maybe they're fully aware that in the scope of a long season its simply not worth it to throw players around in slippery conditions? Just a thought.
Hard to imagine that Logue couldn't get in the side earlier this year. He's been great the last month.

He’s been great all year when he got the chance. Held Curnow to 1 goal, Jeremy Cameron goalless. Club high intercepts vs Gold Coast. Now killing it up forward. He’s the perfect utility for us now, being able to swing him forward or back based on injuries or in-game tactics is a coaches dream.

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