Discussion Rd 13, 2024: Photos and Discussion

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Hawks should be in their brown “legends” kit (with brown shorts) today. Very effective as an alternative home kit in matchups like today’s and also isn’t just some forgettable clash guernsey in that it actually honours a traditional/heritage look from their history.

Cue the “home team wears whatever they want, it’s the oppo’s responsibility to prevent a clash” argument. I get this but I just wish for common sense for clubs to take 5-10 mins to assess all possible matchups with all other teams, whether home or away, and come up with some suitable kits. Surely would also make a bit more money in the merch dept from some alternative home guernsey designs? Thinking out loud a bit
Looks like the AFL have done the sensible thing and directed Carlton to wear their predominately white strip tonight.
(Lol, jk! Big 4 rule supersedes common sense)

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Get off your high horse Carlton. You clear with Melbourne so how the **** don’t you clash with Essendon. The afl needs a uniform policy overhaul, who cares if it’s what the teams wore in 1898. Maybe we should go back to black and white tv

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