Autopsy Rd 14 Loss: Here comes another one, just like the other one

Who played well for the Blues vs the Giants (Blues supporters only)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2016
AFL Club
I can't remember who I was talking about this with on here - and it was a while ago, to be fair - but we were talking about the difference between a sport like basketball, in which one player can completely elevate a side, to cricket, where one is not enough but two absolutely can be, to football where you're getting into needing the bottom 6 from 18 to contribute.

It really could just be that AFL is unique in its requirements as far as teamwork and player contribution goes. We need more buy in, better across the board skills, and greater trust between players than other sports do.
Yep my example was cricket. Although to be completely fair, when Joe Denly played with us holy hell did he transform the team.


All Australian
Nov 2, 2020
AFL Club
Should've had this in my last quote... Fail on website skills but... The club I played for was struggling, and had been for years and years until a hierarchy change, top to bottom, and one of the things they did was brought in kostya tszyu's boxing coach in the off season, we went to work and with essentially the exact same squads as the season before (we couldn't attract talent at the time) we went from last to first in multiple grades. The trust and exactly what you said about Collingwood was there, determination because you're 'in the trenches' with your mates. It feels crass comparing sport to war because one is a game and not as consequential but the best performers do exactly that, and train that way.

My experience coaching women's teams is completely different, however. Different ways to promote 'mateship' but it's required.

The sh*t sellers says on TV, yeah he's a talking head and can't quite say what he wants to/ can't quite describe this but it's that complete trust in your mates which comes with that expectation that they'll go out and get their job done. It's missing at Carlton now. It's missing in a lot of professional sporting teams to be fair.
Sellers is from a different time, almost playing a different game. i would imagine he'd be p155sed off considering how much they get paid, compared to his counterparts, what make it worse is, the money changed after he retired. LOL
what isn't different however, is, he was from an era, not of money primarily, but of meritocracy, and self-governance in their own group. He and others didn't accept weakness and anything less than 100%. They were T cells in a machine, that at training, you had to show you belong. after training, the core, "hung out" and bonded, like men did back then. Carey as captain insisted this happened when he was captain (before indiscretions)and the whole team was often seen and the Kent in Rathdown st with him at the head of the table ( like a real king) boisterous fun, beer, food, but never rude or disrespectful to other patrons.
Sellers sees whats happening at the club as sacrilege and cant let it go. I understand him, just as I do with many of the young generation that cannot. All the old-timers spill home truths, you won't like it, you know it will come if you're dishonest with the members and in the end, you know you need it, for change to happen.
Sport is never war, but high stakes AFL and rugby come close in their mental preparation, discipline, the courage required, individually and collectively. The peak culmination of all of these at the same time, in the same people , usually = victory
Bulldogs illustrated this perfectly in the 2016 GF last 20 minutes. Players were all in, no matter the cost.

Original Moody Blue

All Australian
Nov 14, 2020
AFL Club
Sadly I think you’re probably correct.

Players can’t keep blaming the coaches forever.

Been happening for 15 years.

Take som f***ing responsibility lads.
Clearly the footage they showed on Fox and Classified footy does not show a group that is trying, it shows a group that is looking for shortcuts and others to do the job. How many taggers do you think Walsh is going to have hanging off him this week?

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