Game Day Rd 15 vs North Melbourne at Metricon - Sat, 4.40pm

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Club Legend
Aug 30, 2016
AFL Club
Gold Coast
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Brisbane Lions
- Jarryd Lyons was criminally underrated at the crows and we've ended up with almost an A grade mid for a 3rd round pick. 39 possessions 23 contested. huge game
- Lynch is back - 5.1 is a great return to form
- Ainsworth's 4 goals were all class. glad he slipped to us at pick 4.
- How many players make it to 300 games and are still racking up 37 possessions and 10 clearances. Gaz is GOAT
- we won the game

- up by almost 50 points and them getting within 2 goals is not good
- Lemmens accuracy in front of goal
- our defence concedes too many
- Ah Chee and Hanleys' injuries

On to next week though:
Would go
Hanley (if injured) > Rischitelli
Ah Chee (if injured) > Macpherson
Thompson > Scrimshaw
Davis > KK
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Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 17, 2009
Gold Coast
AFL Club
Gold Coast
so just got home
frustrating to be so much better and still have them in with a a chance in the last quarter but a win's a win
The more the team undertsands what works and what doesn't the more of them we'll get
I've held off squeezing Lemmens this year because I think I rode him too hard last year, but gee he gets a lot of chances and does bugger all with them
Watch out next week because big Tommy is working back into form nicely


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 17, 2010
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Alastair Lynch mentioned Tommy Lynch has been down because of a back injury the last couple of weeks. Seems to be on top of it now.


All Australian
Apr 7, 2016
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Good win. Sort like the hawks win where we should have won by 60+ bit dropped right off in the 2nd half.
Ainsworth had a breakout have, Lyon was fantastic and my man Fiorini showing why he should play midfield not backline. Lynch looked back to his best and May was great all night.
Lemmens is a spud, tries hard but has no skill or match awareness.
Still get into patches where we handball way to much. And the team just stopped after the first 10 mins of the third

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