Autopsy Rd 16 Blues keep their season alive with 16 point win over Dockers

Who played well in Round 16 vs the Dockers?

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Nov 8, 2000
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Oct 5, 2016
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Be still, my beating heart!!!

Wow, absolutely heart and soul stuff there in the last.

We have flaws, a lot of them, but make no mistake these sort of victories do so much for the culture.

Our entire backline was magnificent, they're the reason we won.

Levi didn't have a blinder, not at all, but that mark rebound 50 was so bloody huge.

Crippa finishing off the game on one foot, inspirational stuff, Skip.

Walshy with probably the best goal he'll kick in his career, I love you, Sam.

Dow was phenomenal in the first half, SPS lifted in the 2nd.

Stocker is fast becoming my fav player, the absolute definition of mongrel.

My major shout out is to Matty Kennedy, when we were shot in the middle, he absolutely lifted us on his back.


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