Autopsy Rd 18 Blues go down fighting in Simmo's farewell game

Who gave their all in Simmo's farewell game?

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Ald Gardiner

All Australian
Dec 26, 2017
AFL Club
Yep agree he is the least of our problems and was just commenting on a post. With Newman and Marchbank coming back and maybe addind Williams and a few others just cant see SPS being best 22 next year
I can, but as a midfielder - he just needs to bulk up a little more over summer without compromising his limited speed. Over to AR..

Ald Gardiner

All Australian
Dec 26, 2017
AFL Club
We need more speed and better footskills all over the park, but that can change quickly by only adding 3-4 players with those characteristics, either via trade or within(Kemp, Stocker, Ramsay)

Speaking of the Pies, I would have a crack at Noble if we miss out on some of our running defender targets

I see Williams playing more in the middle
Really like Noble just can’t see that happening though

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cookie monster

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Jun 12, 2008
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Oct 11, 2015
Up North
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Cubs , Penguins
It was 10-1 at half time.
Not the first time weve gone a half this year with just the 1 or 2 free kicks .
AFL is a contact sport it actually should not be possible for this statistic ( 1 free kick in a half ) to be possible in our game of AFL .
Umpires have a bloody hard job theyve been instructed to let the game flow by paying less free kicks therefore are selective in what they pay and dont pay and therefore leads to inconsistency in interpretations imo .

Just Kreuzing

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 22, 2008
Mamba Style !!
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You're too much of a stats man. They never tell the whole story.

Our tackle numbers don't reflect the quality of our tackles. So many just don't stick.

Tackle numbers don't mean we didn't go in too tall. You're also just in love with tall players. Wanted us to draft Lukosius ahead of Walsh despite all the talented talls we already have... thank Christ we didn't...and yes I know that talls generally take longer but imagine our midfield without Walsh...

The talls are generally prone to struggling more at ground level. That is a fact which is what Lappin's point was - "ball spends more time on the ground than ever before"... think he makes a better point than your tackle numbers stat...

BTW, Levi, McGovern and Pittonet had very little say in your beloved tackle numbers and generally provided fa around the ground...and that's not just last night..

To top that off, TDK had his worst match since he's run out in the Navy Blue. How do explain having 4 talls that gave us nothing last night not being a problem? And don't make the conditions excuse... surely selection panel had a look at the weather report...

BTW I'm certain his first point was directed to players like Murphy...

This is right up there with that Dow was our most defensive runner against GWS stat you pulled out...
Just on tackles I seen 2 good tackles laid last night that cost goals..... Mitch and Walsh were penalised for laying tackles that could of added to effective tackle numbers.....

Plenty of others unrewarded that should of been also.
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Jun 4, 2006
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Pretty hard to have a success mentality if you've been following this club for 20 years. Reckon if we don't start to get something happening soon we won't have to worry about infecting future generations.

Sometimes your intolerance can become a little.....(what is the word?) ah yes....insufferable.
Try harder.


Everyone Looks Better In Blue
May 31, 2012
AFL Club
Their big ruckman was caught on camera punching Walsh in the guts and the commentators described that as a "ruckman's prerogative".
No one from Carlton did anything about it.
Enjoyed watching TDK ragdoll and toss Neill aside over the sideline and then look down at him as if to say want some more? Really enjoyed watching Kennedy show some aggro.

Have absolutely loved watching Harry get back to match-winning form - keep growing Harry we need a genuine monster upfront.

I thought that Teague changed the game style in Q1 to good effect- we moved the ball faster and better and scored easier - put Brisbane on the back foot.
Second-quarter was a disaster as we conceded the territorial game and copped a few nonsense frees which were telling - anyone who thinks that these cumulative umpiring errors didn't mean much - is kidding themselves. WHY this happens all too often is about WHERE we get stuck playing the game and how POORLY our contested situation skills match up to better opposition. I don't blame umpires for sloppy or dumb contested work - I blame skills coaching and stoopid or weak players. Teague obviously gave them a serious blast at half time - the effort levels increased markedly in Q3/4.

Williamson was great on a wing - I think we might have found a wingman.

Sorry to say this but I saw all of Gibbons/Newnes/Murphy shirk contests on multiple occasions - none of them belong in a finals side except for depth - but we all know that. Feel sorry for Polson tbh- don't think he has the kicking ability required to play at the top level - but he at least isn't 'soft'.

We played all year like a middling side all the positives and all the negatives that go with that.

The difference between middling and finals isn't much - but doubt that Teague will be able to carry 3-4 softies every week and still make finals.

I expect us to cruise into finals next year- with fair levels of injury. Will be fascinating to see who we pick up in offseason and where they might fit.

I'll miss Simmo and Kreuze.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 5, 2011
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Dallas Cowboys, STL Blues
Was there anything in that off the play gut punch McInerney did on Walsh? A quick replay was shown once...commentary made some joke about it and laughed it off and moved on.
What was in it was our teams lack of retaliation. He was also mouthing off at plowman at halftime after giving Cameron a bath.....part of Teagues rev up should have focused on targetting him. Nothing outside the rules....but we did nothing.


All Australian
Sep 28, 2018
AFL Club
I felt like this game ended the season off well for us. The commitment by the team and willingness to throw themselves at and into the contest impressed me. Teague spray was good. Probably not the result we were after but I’m confident we will be better and can’t wait to get back to the footy next year.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2016
AFL Club
Gibbons was horrible
One of the things that has gone wrong this year at times has occurred against teams with very competent half backs and good wingers.

Crisp killed us at the pies etc.

These are the little things that don't Bob up every game and aren't readable off a stat sheet. It's players like Gibbons and Murphy and other slow players when they play these outside jobs their opponents murder us if they're fast or physical, or both. It's happened all year.


Team Captain
Jun 12, 2020
AFL Club
The thing I'm most concerned about is the size of our list and the gameplan. If you look at the best teams, Richmond, Bears, Geelong, Port, they all have one tall monster up forward, and 6 medium sized lightening quick guys that tackle and harass. The game plan is get into forward 50 as quick as possible and lock it in with frantic pressure. We can't do that with 4 tall immobile players up forward every week.

We are really behind the 8 ball on this, we need to turn 1 or 2 of the monsters into 4 medium fast blokes with high pressure traits or we are sunk and our rebuild has been a waste.

Sos has built a list that would have been top 5 years ago. Richmond have changed the way the game is played and as usual we are second to the party


Club Legend
Apr 20, 2004
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Wonder what’s going on with Casboult. Looked completely disinterested and has for the last few weeks. Wonder if he has been told we’d be shopping him around or something.
Thought Gibbons was pretty ordinary tonight as well
Wondered the same thing about Levi. Think he is only of real value as a defender but we seem well stocked down there.

gullie man

Senior List
Aug 12, 2009
wagga wagga
AFL Club
Wondered the same thing about Levi. Think he is only of real value as a defender but we seem well stocked down there.
He has no value to this club if that is the case. If he is "disinterested" when we are still a chance of playing finals for the first time in a long time tells you a lot about his mindset and it would appear he plays for himself before the team. But perhaps he is carrying injury we don't really know.

Michael Jezz

Club Legend
Jan 30, 2007
AFL Club
Blue, try and stay with the subject matter and this game rather than a draft 2 years ago, where I was ranking talent. Secondly I selected Smith in our mock draft, or should we discuss you wanting Rankine at pick one?

We won the tackle count easily last night and ranked 4th for the year

Even if the Dogs win every qtr today, we will rank equal 3rd for qtrs won, again with games we have played tall

Our game style contributes to poor momentum swings, we are ranked last for disposal efficiency. These are our number one priority in terms of improving

We lost by 3 goals to a top 2 side, on their home deck, we lost to another top 2 side by a kick

Tackles and playing tall are not the main concern

Lastly, just stop with the condescending tone
Did Blue fusion and I watch a different game to you last night. There is not the poise, desire and will to win amongst this group to become a topside. 3 good trades will not change that. Carlton have huge comcerns

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