Review Rd 23 Review - Freo win comfortably against Orange Team in Canberra

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Sep 18, 2015
The Hippodrome
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Hornets, Mariners, Falcons
If Jordan Clark is not at least in the All-Australian squad the selectors are watching a different sport

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 12, 2009
AFL Club
Ugly win but it’s a massive credit to the mental fortitude of the group that they dug themselves out of a 5 goal deficit. F50 entries were always going to be an issue today with a forward line held together with masking tape but we got it in there enough to make it count. Good to see the smalls lifted their pressure game too.

Special mention to Walker's bit of play taking the intercept mark then drilling the corridor kick to set up Walters' match winning goal...bloody love to see that :fire:

Slight negative - the gameday threads are starting to go well beyond "emotional venting". Pretty grim.


Club Legend
May 14, 2008
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Awesome effort by the midfield and our running backs.

Goals from Brayshaw, Serong, Mundy, Brodie, NOD, Clark to go with a mountain of disposals. Need them to keep that up even when our forward line returns.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 18, 2010
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West Perth.
We were not great, but any team that fights back from 31 points down after being outplayed for the first half, deserves respect. That was a great fight back one of the best I have seen us do. A lesser side would have panicked!
Serong brilliant.
AP awesome.
Brodie driving us forward was excellent.


Stockholm Syndrome
Oct 12, 2019
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South Fremantle, Hull City
Great way to cap off the season. Shame that top four isn't in our hands but I reckon we've exceeded the preseason expectations.

In other news being the guy who started the "Carlton under Voss" thread is great, because if Carlton win I won't care because we're top four and if Carlton lose I'm really to going to bag the s**t out of them.

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Tab on a 🦀
Aug 26, 2018
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East Freo, Leeds Utd
Doomers got rollin by the first two minutes and lost faith in the boys. Shameful, go follow Darts.

That being said alarm bells were ringing when we were 5 goals down but we clawed it back.

Thought Walker, Young and Clark were phenomenal. Alex Pearce shut down Hogan by the 2Q. Serong led by example when so many others weren’t. Sonny, take a bow. Great 200th, kept us in it.

Wasn’t pretty but we showed great resilience.

Freo Big Fella

Sep 30, 2003
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WA, Australia
Look, the less said about the first 1.5 quarters the better, but we did what needed to be done.

Serong and Brodie immense
Sonny: be still my beating heart
Clark, Aish and Young murdered them on the rebound
Walker - doesn't read like it on the stat sheet, but I thought that was one of his better games for the year.
Brayshaw popping up and kicking goals when he wasn't the number one mid on the ground
Mundy continuing to do Mundy things
Would have liked more goals, but Fyfe forward, under the circumstances, worked ok.

Not sure what the hell went on at the start, but thankfully we've got two weeks to address it.
Meek: I'm ... just not seeing it. Briggs is hardly a world beater, but he looked like he was running rings around him for stretches. If we're genuinely looking at Jackson, him coming in as a genuine second ruck (whilst bringing in one of Amiss or Treacy to replace Lobb) would be an upgrade for me.
The commentary: I should have muted when I saw we were getting the Derr-Wayne/King combo, but the load blowing over Taylor's game against a back-from-injury Fyfe and a couple of resting ruckmen was ******* ludicrous.
The umps: I don't think I can recall a game where the hold, block and arm-chop rules were interpreted so differently between two sides. That's ignoring the centre square * up leading to a 50 and goal, and the decision to completely ignore the tunnel on Fyfe that took him off the ground.


Club Legend
Sep 22, 2014
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SFFC Denver Broncos
Poor start by Freo and then after quarter time we were OK. Just for a little extra drama we let GWS back into the game before finishing in fine style.

Congratulations to Sonny on 200 games, played well today too.

Serong was sensational again today. What a player.

Hopefully Pies or Swans lose and we end up in the top four.


Premiership Player
Oct 27, 2018
AFL Club
We need a better plan to deal with those intercept markers that kill us all the time, although I guess Logue has been flagged for that defensive role.
It's always going to be hard to stop them when playing such a short forward line. Really need both of tabs and lobb to play.


Senior List
Jul 11, 2022
AFL Club
Thought Jordan Clark was terrific today.

Serong played brilliantly and Brayshaw might have just done enough to win himself a Brownlow.

Also thought Switta was decent, looks dangerous every time he has the ball and just seems to make things happen.


Premiership Player
Oct 27, 2018
AFL Club
Random thoughts that no one asked for:

  • How good was the run from Clark. Especially the one that set up the goal at the end of the third. Only about 15 seconds when clark got the ball and he just ran.
  • Walker was exceptional today. Felt like he had a bunch of intercepts and some really good kicking (the one to set up sonny's goal).
  • Brayshaw started slow but thought he was great towards the end. Work rate stands out above all.
  • Serong is a bloody star. 32 touches, 11 clearances, 8 score involvements and a goal.
  • Love seeing defenders kick goals. Shoutout Pearce.
  • Sonny finding form at the right time is great. 3 goals today, which really should've been 4 if he worked the wind properly.
  • Banfield returning to the banners of old today was a shame.
  • Cox is infuriating to watch sometimes. Just so lazy. Thought he worked himself into the game in the second half with about 4 or 5 intercept marks but some of those efforts in the first were abysmal.
  • Fyfe had about 4 or 5 dropped marks where he got both hands on the ball. Needs to hold those.
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Aug 19, 2022
AFL Club
Anyone still think Fyfe is the answer to our forward line is surely mistaken. Walters really stood up today. Banfield and shulz are dead set liabilities up forward. The mids kicked the majority of our goals today which is a bad sign

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