Autopsy Rd 3 Sydney v North Melbourne

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 20, 2007
AFL Club
That was a extremely gutsy win make no mistake was a very tough contest.

Mcclean was the surprise packet for me, Rowbottom was crucial in late contests, Allir hit in hard as did Parker and Kennedy.

Heeney is such a flawed diamond does amazing things but misses set shots from 20m out.

Blakey ditto missing set shots.


Good Poster, sh*t Bloke
Sep 10, 2006
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Slow start but pretty solid for the last 3 quarters. Showed a bit of ticker.

Most likely our last game for a while thanks to Conor McKenna testing positive.
We're fine to play surely? Tests come back within 48 hours so no need for a team to miss the week after


Brownlow Medallist
Nov 11, 2012
AFL Club
Thought it was a very solid win

COR shouldn’t be in the side

Sinclair try’s his guts out and lifts others

McLean has to stay in

Thought fox gave us great rebound

Florents kicking is garbage but he can certainly do the rest well , just might not make a grade

Heeney got us back in it

Rampe is the best defender in the comp

Can’t loose papley

Hayward still needs to go

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All Australian
Dec 6, 2010
AFL Club
Good rebound win with plenty of ticker I thought. Defence was really solid and composed after Starting under the pump. McLean needs more time at the top level, every time he’s played he’s Displayed good signs and he can play a few different roles I expect. Cor did he’s job but wouldn’t includE that in a show reel. I wouldn’t rule a line through him as some have. Fox another did his job and is handy. Rowbottom Keeps building and has his moments. Lots of character in that win against a side on the rise. Well down Swans.

Grand Uncle Horace

Formerly 'Bloodied52'
May 24, 2017
Old South Grandstand
AFL Club
Rowbottom was great. hewett made campaigner higgins look an U 19 player. Ramps got a bit of help but did a great job on a monster.

Foxy and McLean both showed the value of recruiting selecting natural footballers who read the game.

The only time I feel relaxed is when Dawson has the ball. Really good games from Paps and Heeney.

For all the sh*te he cops, McCartin took a bloody good mark before being concussed. Personally I think Tarrant deliberately threw his weight through. Would have been happy for one of our blokes to cop 6 weeks and plant one on Tarrant's chin. Tarrant is filth.


Club Legend
May 3, 2011
Western Australia
AFL Club
Almost a carbon copy of round 1, slow start, really good middle 2 quarters, then probably missing some easy chances to put the game to bed early in the last and having hanging on.

Overall pretty happy though, we're easily playing one of the better brands from the small sample so far this year - it's not the most amazing style you'll ever see but it's a style you can watch and will give you a chance - which is a vast improvement from that chip, chip sh*t in 18/early 19 which was agonising and barely watchable. To kick 3 scores in the 70's in the shorter game has been good given so most clubs bar 1 or 2 are struggling to sub 60 scores.

Kennedy, Parker and Florent have been a really good midfield mix so far, just really need to address ruck situation going forward. Heeney responded as you'd hope and Paps is a jet - must keep him.

The Gong

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 24, 2012
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Northern Districts Tigers
Hopeless! Pathetic! Horse needs to resign now. Send half the team back to ressies. Sack all board members. We'll be wooden spooners for the next ten years.

*gets message in ear piece* Right....uh huh....OK.

Well seems we won so well done to the boys. Carry on.

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