Autopsy Rd 4 Blues beat Suns but it wasn't pretty

Who did their job in round 4 vs the Suns?

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Nov 8, 2000
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Aug 12, 2012
sv_cheats 1
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Wow I am [furious / stoked]! Lots of [things to work on / things to be pleased about] after that one.

Are we a genuine [rabble / finals team] this year? I know it's early but I'm seeing [little hope / big things].

As usual, umpires [absolutely reamed us / were completely rubbish].

Great game from [Ed Curnow] but if we're serious we need to drop [Dow] for next week.

I hope Teague [sprays them in the press conference / can keep it up from here].

On to [next week / flag 17]!

Just getting in early because I can. Will delete responses as necessary tonight :)
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Oct 5, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
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These are the sort of games that good teams just simply win and move on to next week.

Special shout outs to Ed, Murph, Weiters, Cottrell and SPS, also, although he wasn't great, I liked the effort in Dows final term but not sure that saves him or Setters from the chop.

I say Bam Bam stays in next week.

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