Autopsy Rd 5 BELTED! Power turns the Blues lights out

Who player well for the Blues vs Port?

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Club Legend
Oct 22, 2014
AFL Club
Unforgivable level of effort tonight.

These are blokes that have dreamed of playing AFL football their entire life, but they can’t muster the desire to tackle, spoil, chase, or get the fundamentals like kick accurately, mark the ball, or hold an opponent accountable.

There is no discernible game plan, the connection between defense, midfield, and the forward line is non-existent.

What is the system for rebounding out of defense?

What are the forward line positional rotations?

What’s the midfield structure to lock the ball in forward half?

Right now they look like a bunch of individual players winging every disposal, instead of a team performing a well oiled game plan and working for each other.

It’s an indictment on both the players and the coaching, and it doesn’t seem like an issue that will be easily fixed.

To top it all off, if I see anymore turnover blind kicks forward I might just have to break some legs. It’s lazy, poor football and we should be past that, we’re not young and inexperienced anymore.

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