Preview Rd: 6 - Dogs @ Saints, Marvel Stadium, 7:30pm Thursday 18 April

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Zak Jones in for King for them is a bonus

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This coach's addiction to playing too many talls continues. Lobb, English, Darcy is nuts.

Suspect we will once again be found wanting by a hungrier team who can get more bodies to the ground balls as the game progresses.
I disagree. Darcy barely plays any game time and doesn’t have the ability to run out a game yet.

Even with Lobb in, we’ll rarely see three forwards on the ground at the same time. Lobb has proven he can play as the deep forward from his time in Freo.
I personally like a team with Darcy and Lobb in it. Hopefully can turn it into an advantage having English Ruck/forward with Lobb and Darcy splitting the other 50% ruck time. The extra hight of Lobb over Marra shouldn't cost too much at ground level given how good English and Darcy are below their knees.
Snowflake's chance in hell we kick a winning score without Jamarra.

It's St Kilda so it's not like a winning score is going to be big with the way they play, 11-12 goals will probably win this.

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Not winning this one without JUH and Libba. The heat just keeps rising on Bevo if we lose the next 2 which is highly likely he is surely gone if we lose to Hawthorn.
Not winning this one without JUH and Libba. The heat just keeps rising on Bevo if we lose the next 2 which is highly likely he is surely gone if we lose to Hawthorn.

Nothing to lose moving forward as a supporter - we keep losing, and we’re closer to a new coach.
We win, well, we all loving winning.
To the VFL watchers is it a surprise that Arty is an emergency? I am making the assumption that selection as an emergency is a message from the MC that you are next in line for selection. I didn’t think his form in the twos was that good based solely on what I have read.
I like innovation as much as the next bloke but announcing a team on Wednesday that is playing on Thursday, whilst traditional and arguably conservative, is probably the right call at the moment.

I don't think we as a society are ready or mature enough yet to handle Friday team announcements for games that have been played the night before.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to name the team that we should have played after the event!!

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Name me a game that Cody Weightman has stood up and kicked a bag of goals in a important game and against good opposition I love his work but I am yet to see him stand up when it's a important game or an important time if a crucial game to stand up and when he goes missing he goes missing big time

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Does an elimination final come to mind? Oh, that’s right - 4 soft free kicks

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I'm not too worried about our talls. They are all pretty athletic and cover the ground well, Darcy needs more time on the bench than the others so this will allow him time to rest and still maintain plenty of height in the fwd line. Also gives us a few options to throw at Marshall who is a real strength of theirs and can double team him a bit like Draper / Goldy did to Tim last week.

I'm more worried about the NWM - Sinclair - Hill running HBFs and wingers for the Saints which is a real strength for them and we are countering with Gallagher who looked pretty tired last week and didn't get much of it, and Williams who looks to be moving back onto a wing this week. I wonder if we will look to move a Bramble or Dale onto Hill to keep him in check a bit, or just going to rely on getting our hands on the ball first. Could really see Hill especially chopping us up with run and carry...
Sanders better not be sub - need to build his confidence up and give him consistent minutes.

Kids a gun and will be important for us this season.
Being the sub in year 1 isn't a big deal. If he comes on fresh in the 3rd when everyone is tired it could be a great way to get some touch/ confidence

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