Preview Rd 9 Carlton v Melbourne, MCG, Sunday May 16, 3.20pm - Team - Post #700

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Love the Drake

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Nov 22, 2013
Mornington peninsula
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Yep. We will have to shake it up to have a chance against Melbourne. Murphy will come in. Kennedy plays JSOS forward role. Hoping Honey in for gibbons. Stocker on ball. Williams back (to find form). Not sure TDK is ready unfortunately..


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 26, 2011
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For me
Murphy in for Gibbons
TDK in for JSOS
SPS in for one of Williams or Cripps. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but surely they are carrying injuries.

No way on earth would I consider Setters or Dow. They were beaten by a VFL midfield.
Durdin and Honey I would make have another 2-3 good games and when they have earned it, play them for 3-4 weeks straight.
Want Honey in. Not Murph.

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Aug 18, 2006
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This going to get ugly
Dees looked primed for a loss - North led them for over a half and swans almost beat them - not saying they will lose but i think we'll be well in the game (actually ive predicted we'll have our sh*t quarter in the first term and be down 6 goals and fight our way back and lose by a couple of goals)


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Nov 4, 2003
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Instant gratification syndrome... the constant need for something or someone new to be the absolute best instantly. In the case of Stocker, he hasn't come in and set the world on fire like Parks did in his first game and people are screaming for blood. Stocker is adapting to the game and is learning from the experience.

If Stocker came to the club back in the 80s, he would come through the reserves and we might only catch glimpses of him when he is needed to come in to cover for injury. We probably wouldn't have seen him become a regular in the side until he was 21 or 22.
With his physique? No way, he would have been straight into the team.

We've actually ruined his physique since drafting... it's nuts.

Team DJ

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 19, 2011
Penny Lane
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Out: Jsos Pittonet Cottrell (SPS)
In: Kennedy TDK Setterfield (Murphy)

Murphy as the sub.

*Cripps and Kennedy to combine to replace Jsos in that 3rd tall hybrid role, whilst spending periods in the midfield as well

Back 7 Rotation:
Weitering Jones Plowman Parks Doc Saad Stoker

Forward Ruck Rotation:
TDK Harry Levi Kennedy* Betts Owies Fogerty

Inside Mid rotation:
Cripps* Walsh Curnow Setterfield

Outside Mid Rotation:
Newnes Cunningham Williams Gibbons


Norm Smith Medallist
May 1, 2002
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Amongst some bigger names, we are also carrying Cottrel, Gibbons & Newnes. These 3 need to go this week but I'm sure the MC will not do this, so not even bothering.

Cripps 'n' Blue Bloods

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Mar 26, 2015
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In: TDK, Dow, Setters, SPS, Murphy
Out: Cripps (rest), Williams (rest), Levi (omitted), Silvagni (injured), Gibbons (omitted)
as sub

Play Walsh and SPS on the wings.

I don't think it's far from clicking. We matched it with one of the clear best teams this year for 3/4 despite having heavy injuries to key players and more than a few passengers. I was very conscious of a thrashing yesterday, and while we probably should have put them out of touch earlier in the game, if anybody had said we would get within 16pts of the 2nd placed team, we'd probably laugh and say 'that'd be nice, I'd take that'. We haven't been beaten by more than I think it's 32pts since losing to the Cats by 68pts in round 23 in 2019. My biggest concern at the moment is the mixed messages from selection. We've been told that one good game won't get you into the seniors and it needs to be from a body of work, but then we've seen the opposite happen. We've now been told officially in the past week that Levi has been carrying an injury, but we've had at least 2 chances to rest him (GC and Ess games), but continue to play him despite offering next to nothing (another passenger). We had Kennedy come on as a sub a few weeks ago, with good impact, then drop him. We dropped SPS after his best game, but continue to play Gibbons who isn't offering enough. We had SPS as the sub last week, who came on and played great, then make him the sub again the following week. We had Dow off to a blistering start last week before getting injured and I wouldn't have had an issue if he couldn't play due to injury, but then he goes and plays in the VFL game. If he was fit enough to play, he should have been playing AFL instead of rushing Williams back, who clearly wasn't ready. I honestly reckon we've lost a couple of games this year just at the selection table. This week, I'd be resting Levi and getting TDK in. Give Cripps and Williams a rest and bring in Dow and Setterfield to play majority in the guts. SPS to play full game. Come with the same intent and energy as we did against Dogs, and look out Melbourne! They're due for a loss. Might as well be us that hands it to them.

EDIT: changed the bolded. Gibbons no longer my sub. Out for Murphy as the sub.
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Feb 13, 2009
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Going with

Out: JSOS, Cas, Gibbons, Cripps, Cott

In: TDK, Newman, Honey, Setters, Dow

Plow Jones Parks
Doc Weiters Williams
Newnes Setters Saad
Honey TDK Fog
Owies Harry Eddie

Pitt Walsh Ed

Cunners Dow Stocker Newman
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Everyone Looks Better In Blue
May 31, 2012
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We have a fitness/injury crisis going on at the Club and have had one all fken year.

All of Williams| Saad| McGovern and Martin are either out injured or playing way below levels of fitness required to play their roles - let alone justify their price tags. Add Crips/Levi to that mix.

No point in talking about the brain farts and errors made by genuine fringe /developing players - Gibbons/Newnes/Cottrell/Stocker/Parks/Fogarty are all going to make errors all the time - that is what they are and where they are with scope for improvement in Stocker/Fogarty and maybe Cottrell.

Weitering | Walsh and Harry are reliable guns week in week out- this what we've got and everything else is an unreliable bonus - liek Docherty playing well yesterday V previous week.

The players dropped their heads yesterday and gave up the game with only 7 minutes to go but the ROT had set in for 40 minutes previously - aided by some inexplicable rotation management and positioning and match ups in last quarter - it was disgracefully sad to see a match-winning lead given up because it was a match-winning lead by a bunch of cumulative and compounding skill/effort and structure errors.

Teague might like sitting in his box - his direct coaching opponents who are outcoaching him - get out of their little ivory towers and deliver direct and important instruction to players from the sidelines when the game is in the balance and there to be won. Someone needs to kick Teague up the bm when the game is changing for the worse and having Cripps sit on a bench alongside Saad for extended crucial periods is just one example of rotation mismanagement.

The opposition isn't miles ahead of Carlton - even a depleted Carlton - but the coaching and player head space is.


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Nov 27, 2016
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Going with

Out: JSOS, Cas, Gibbons, Cripps

In: TDK, Newman, Honey, Setters

In the middle are Setters, Stocker, Ed, Walsh, Cunners with relief from Fog and Williams.

Williams to half back, Saad to wing, Newman to the back six.
Williams needs a fitness program from Russell. Sit him until he can run a game out. It was embarrassing how cooked he got.

That's on the MC for picking a guy who is clearly not fit. It's also on William himself for coming to the club so unfit.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 20, 2008
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We don’t have the luxury of giving TDK time to acclimatize in the VFL. That said, sometimes you just need to throw them into the seniors and their development will improve by the exposure. Otherwise people like Stocker could forever be languishing in the VFL.
TDK will most certainly come in. He has the aerial capacity and mobility to go with Gawn. Pittonet will rely on battering Gawn but Gawn is an intelligent footballer who will expose Pittonet’s lack of leap and lack of endurance to cover the ground.

Cripps disappointing yet again - but they made a rod for their own back disclosing that he is carrying an injury which is “manageable” and still enables him to play albeit hindered. I don’t see the point of playing him. It smacks of desperation. They either are playing him because they are desperate to play finals and feel an injured Cripps is better than no Cripps at all; or he is dictating his own selection. I am slowly getting the feeling that he remains unsigned but is forcing his own inclusion each week because in his head, his commitment beyond this year is contingent on playing finals, however he does not want to sit on the sidelines to avoid people to claim that he sat out the year knowing he wouldn’t stay. It is an admirable and honourable mentality but a hampered Cripps on the field hurts our structure and game plan.


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Aug 16, 2008
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Out: Teague & Assistants
In: Anyone or no one (Just let them play)

Out: Cripps(Inj), JSOS (Inj), Casboult (Inj) Plowman (Omitted), Newnes (Ommitted), Cotterell (Ommitted) & Gibbons (Ommitted)
In: Setterfield, TDK, Newman, SPS, Dow, Honey, Kennedy

FolDe KoningSetterfieldWalsh
The Sub - Just play musical chairs or duck, duck, goose to decide

Give the injured bloke a rest ffs.. None of this will happen..

So who wins - Pfft who cares
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Oct 10, 2008
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Cunners game was of a great standard, a great balance of contested/outside ball, speed skill, evasion and ball carrying...
You can see he’s really beginning to believe in his abilities and himself as a class midfielder...
We'll see more of it when they start to go with him more as well.
Late in the game. Levi gets the ball on the back flank and has 2 options: kick to DC who was 20m on his own right up the guts and on the move, or a long down the line to a 1 on 1 (SPS maybe?). He chose the latter, then another WTF and back down the other end.
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