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    Name: Taylin Duman
    Position: Defender
    Height: 192cm
    Weight: 73kg (don't worry, he's building)
    DOB: 18 April 1998
    Club: Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro
    Player Comparison: Tom Cutler



    Taylin Duman is a unique prospect who has spent time around the ground, but primarily in the back half. He wins enough of the ball to suggest he can spend more time in the midfield as a taller outside ball winner, but will still want to improve on his inside work further to become a more rounded player.

    Duman is a great kick of the ball, is good overhead, reads the ball well in the air or on the ground due to his high football IQ and most importantly is composed when he has the football. An example of his composure, combined with his leadership was earlier in the year when the pressure was red hot against the Northern Territory at Warrawee Park. While others were losing their cool under the pressure of a tense last term, Duman went back with the flight, took a strong intercept mark and pierced a precision kick through a couple of opponents to hit his teammate up the field.

    It is acts like this that summarise Duman to a tee. While he is not going to be that key position player who takes on the taller guys, think of him size wise as an Tom Cutler defender who will mostly be used for his rebound and may be called upon to play as a third tall if absolutely necessary.

    Statistically he matches up with the best players in the TAC Cup for his ball use and expect him to be plucked somewhere in that second round potentially, with a club lucky if he slid to the third. He will need to build his contested game further and build strength to have more of an impact one-on-one in a contest, but with the strengths he has, Duman already has a nice base with which clubs can work from next year.

    • Disposal
    • Marking
    • Footy IQ
    • Composed
    • Leadership
    As already mentioned, Duman’s greatest strength is his composure under pressure to dispose of the ball effectively. Averaging 69.8 per cent by foot and 74.77 per cent overall, Duman is a player who fans can rely upon to dispose of the ball effectively. Further more, his leadership during tough times means he rarely panics under pressure and is able to make his teammates stand taller.

    Duman is a reliable mark of the football and is good at reading the ball in flight. While he might not be able to outmuscle his opponent, he will often outsmart them in the way he positions himself under the drop of the ball. His high football IQ assists Duman with getting to the right spots and peeling off his man if need be to help teammates in other contests.

    Furthermore, Duman’s leadership has come to the fore this year, captaining the Oakleigh Chargers in the absence of Jack Roughsedge who missed all bar one game through injury. Stationed mostly in the defensive 50, Duman guided his team through to the second week of finals and is a calming voice behind the ball. While not bulky in stature, the tall defender is a player who leads by example and brings other players into the game.

    Finally, Duman’s composed kicking action does not have the same penetration that others at his level has, but is more consistent and will more often than not will find a target. Not a huge kick, Duman averages 2.7 effective long kicks per game and 5.6 effective short kicks per game. He rarely makes a mistake over short, medium or long distance, which is why his kicking action is consistent. With an average of 2.6 inside 50s per game and 3.3 rebound 50s per game, Duman is able to win the football all over the ground.

    Overall, Duman is a “safe” prospect who also has development left in him at AFL level, particularly when it comes to some defensive attributes and strength.

    • Where does he play at AFL level?
    • Contested work
    • One-on-one defending
    Duman still has a few question marks regarding his impact at AFL level. While he is a consistent kick with a high football IQ, AFL coaches will still be looking for him to impact more in one-on-one contests. In most cases he has been able to outsmart his opponent, read the ball well in flight and mark, but at AFL level it becomes more difficult to do that.

    If isolated one-on-one, Duman could find himself in a bit of trouble as while he has the height to match it with most taller players, he does not have the strength to engage in an armwrestle. Building up this strength is also not only likely to help his one-on-one defending, but his contested work as well.

    Duman won just 32.6 per cent of his possessions in a contest at TAC Cup level. This is well below average compared to his peers. While he will tend to win a lot of his possessions in the back half and run off, making them uncontested, if he is to develop further, he will need to work on his contested ball winning ability.

    This contested ball winning ability could well determine where he plays at AFL level, which is the question many recruiters have of Duman: Where does he fit in our side? Is he a tall defender who runs off? Or is he that roaming midfielder that can have a huge impact at AFL level in the future.

    While Duman could have an impact in both roles, being able to play midfield opens him up to a higher ceiling and having a greater impact within a team. Every side would love a composed kicker of the ball hitting targets inside 50 and keeping the momentum going. It will be interesting to see where he plays at AFL level and how he develops within an AFL environment.


    Overall, Taylin Duman is a talented prospect that offers a reliable defensive option with scope to build upon as a midfielder. He is good overhead, reads the ball well and disposes of the football effectively across all distances. He will need to continue to build his contested ball winning ability if he is to develop into a midfielder, but what Duman does offer is a smart footballer with leadership in spades. Expect plenty of AFL clubs to be lining up and have him on their draft lists ahead of the National AFL Draft.


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    He has caught my eye at the two sessions I've been to this year but maybe because I wondered who the heck he was.
    He has that laconic and slightly one paced approach which great readers of the play sometimes have.Does he have a turn of pace??
    Looks as though he would be automatically granted assistance from the NDIS from the image at the top of the page.
    I suspect he could get a fair distance from his kicking action.Very fluent,economical and natural.Seems to kick well within himself with most of the options he chose in those packages.I reckon he could tonk it from 50 if he wanted.
    Look forward to following his development.
    Shedloads of potential amongst last year's draftees.
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    He's not slow...

    20m Sprint Combine Result (seconds)

    2.87 - Jacob Allison
    2.90 - Ben Ainsworth
    2.92 - Josh Rotham
    2.93 - Josh Williams
    2.93 - Bailey Morrish
    2.93 - Taylin Duman
    2.93 - Esava Ratugolea
    2.94 - Will Hayward
    2.94 - Tony Olango
    2.95 - Shai Bolton
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    He reads as a potential Johnson replacement down back in years to come, he has the height but not an necessarily ideal matchup for tall forwards, just an intelligent, high footy IQ, skillful distributor out of the backline, who can run all day.
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    From watching his clips, he gets it a lot but he missed just about target, mostly overshooting the target. Will need to get better at that for him to get in the big league.
    On the plus side, he's got time on his side.
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    Coming along nicely. Doubt he'll get a game this year but should next year.