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Apr 3, 2000
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North Melbourne
after much talk about the North Forum I felt compelled to have one more look and to my suprise... i read a very enjoyable piece... and thought other may appreciate it...

"I think the Roos just annoy some of these journos because the wrote us off years ago (and every year since) ans we are still around and we are successful, not only successful but the MOST successful. These people have egos and we are proof to them that the really know NOTHING about football.
It is a double curse for Caroline because she supports the biggest losers of the last 20 years, Richmond, who despite greater assets than the Roos they have not been able to achieve a quarter of what we have. Their attitude won't change and my biggest fear is that one day we may fold and they will pat themselves on the back and say they picked it
years ago. We are almost in a no-win situation. It is my single most aggravating issue and I just don't know how Pagan, Miller, Carey and the rest stay so calm in the face of it. I would like to bite heads off!!!"

a damn good read....

North Melbourne will be Premiers in 2001


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Nov 7, 2000
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North Melbourne
Yeah I read that too. Our board has been busy over the past couple of days, maybe some of those people are coming across. I find it quite amazing, that for a club that finds it hard to attract people to its games, that quite a few Kangas post on Big Footy. I must admit, I expected it to be dominated by Essendon / Collingwood / Carlton etc... and was quite surprised that the Blues had so few Users.


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Dec 7, 2000
country Vic
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North Melbourne
Any team which has 90% of its supporters mispronounce the team name ("Colton") mustn't have the most intelligent supporters so maybe that's why they don't pop up here or on the other boards/sites I post at.

Kill With Power!!!

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