Current Reginald 'Tex' Arthurall the outback serial killer

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Dec 27, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
Reginald Kenneth Arthurell was on trial for the death of two men and was a suspect in four other murders when he killed Venet Mulhall by beating her with a lump of wood at her Coonabarabran home in New South Wales, in 1997.

Arthurell had already killed two people when he met Venet. Aged 28, he killed his stepfather, Thomas Thornton, with a carving knife. Several years later he and another man robbed and killed 19-year-old Ross Browning.

He was released on parole in November after spending 24 years in prison for her murder. The police know him to be a two metre tall chameleon who regardless of his imposing frame, can blend in to any background and is a master of disguise, this time he has reinvented himself as transgender "Regina".


The new pictures of “Regina” were allegedly posted in a Facebook support group for transgender people who feel Corrective Services have let a monster loose among them and have reported him for making threats against the Parole Board and Venet Mulhall's family.

“I know the transgender people actually feel that corrective services released a monster in their midst.”

“We’re applying for an extended supervision order,” NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman said.

(Me looking on, I'm sitting here thinking the trans community doesn't need this kind of crim sneaking up on them. They might have Paul Denyer to deal with soon too.)

Paul, Venet's brother had prior to Arthurall's release been active in lobbying to keep him behind bars. It must be very disappointing to see him out.


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