Religion Religions and rudeness.

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May 5, 2006
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West Coast
Religion is just an excuse to justify learned behaviours.

Give me someone who flat out just doesn't like gays or blacks or muzzos or whoever it is they don't like for whatever reason it is they don't like them over some penarse who tries to hide behind scripture. If for example you don't like immigants because they took our jerbs I am some chance of convincing you to review that position. If you don't like something or someone because Jesus then you are pretty much a lost cause. No matter how compelling the argument or evidence, the same 'but Bible' fallback will remain.

A bunch of people sitting around in a circle telling each other that God wants them to do/say/think stuff is exactly the same as a bunch of people sitting around in a circle telling each other exactly the same stuff ('You hate poofs? No way, I hate poofs too!') without the God delusion. That's literally all any religious grouping is, a bunch of people with shared superstitions, beliefs and practices. Except that if you call if religion then you expect everyone else to tolerate it. It's the height of arrogance.

If your position is abhorrent then your position is abhorrent. End of.


Jul 28, 2019
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Why is it religions think they have the right to force their garbage onto everyone else.

Most people who love fairytales just enjoy it and don't feel the need to push it on others.

Not cults.

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Because they think they are saving us!

Brainwash.....A very bad thing! A very very bad thing!

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