Remember the days we fielded tall teams...?

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Mar 15, 2012
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Was that Round 2, our first match at Colonial? If so, that was the last match I went to before I moved back to the states three days later. That last week here is just a blur to me. I do remember that I cried like a baby after the match(which we lost), not knowing if I'd ever go to the footy again. My next match was Round 7 on May 12, 2002 where I met up with a bunch of BF Doggie posters. Good times. :)
I think you just answered your own question.

Jeff 1975

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Mar 29, 2018
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Lots of talk on here with the acquisition of Keith Bruce about how tall we will be next year, and how rare it is. Contrary to popular belief, it has happened. This game from 1990 has Grant, Coleman, Wigney and Kennedy as forwards, and Harrington, Foster and Del-re in defence. (Was early in Danny’s career when Wheeler still considered him as a bit of a swingman(!), and late in Rick’s career when he was pushed forward often.)
Wheeler also later tried the Ballantyne, Grant, A Campbell, Del-re forward setup - believing they were all mobile enough to be interchangeable, but Campbell did his knee and Ballantyne lost the confidence of the coach. Wigney was often used as a third tall at either end as well. Anyway, just an example, if Wheeler had kept his job he might have gone to Bevo levels of “versatility”...!

Terry had an extremely bad run with injuries

I remember reading the Sun or the local paper and I came across a picture that showed all the players that where out injured all sitting on a bench seat at Western Oval

We had enough to fill a full side - 93

Terry’s side in the 92 Preliminary Final was a close for half a game again we where a little short and Charles was rushed into the side to add height. Just before half time Charles to a good mark in the goal square and goaled

Score about 8 goals to 3 and I thought just maybe

Stoneless dumped one of our little blokes in the centre then Ablett kick one over his shoulder from outside 50 and that was that

Unfortunately Foster didn't make it back from a broken leg thanks to Hawthorn, could have done with him

After 93 Terry had some infighting between players and players and or Coach. He didn’t seem to last long after that

Terry certainly had them playing well though in 92

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