No Oppo Supporters REVIEW - 2019 GF Defeat by a far better team on the day

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Jun 23, 2014
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Credit to all the Giants fans who made the trek down, disappointing result but the journey this year was good - absolutely humiliated today but we’ll reflect on a successful season with some performances this year which really echoed our motto of Never Surrender.

This feeling absolutely sucks, but I’ll back the club to use this hurt as motivation and go even harder next year.

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Apr 12, 2012
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Inhouse discussion.
Feel for the thousands who travelled, including most of our posters.

There will be a next time.

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Cogs captain now.
Davis loses that right. Couldn't even warm up properly yet says he is 100%.

Absolute ******* disgrace. So ******* angry at the lack of effort and basic skill and selfishness. No wonder Cogs and Ward were angry on the sidelines

They say we are a Ferrari. I call ******* bullshit on that.

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Jan 8, 2017
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We were always going to be run off our feet against richmond - even moreso after 2 brutal close matches against brisbane and collingwood. This was a match we should have run an 18 man tag to keep the score as close + low and ground as congested as possible. It may have been a more boring match, but would have given us a chance since we were getting spread out all over the ground. If we could keep the score as low as possible, it might have been a 50/50 chance later on.

Nevertheless, exceeded my expectations for this season. Good job lads, and onto 2020!
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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 23, 2012
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Turnovers aplenty today.
Positives -
Lloyd tried hard.

Oir midfield is still very young. They will get more hardened as the years progress.


Jan 9, 2012
Baulkham Hills
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Phil was selfish and should not of been out there.
Not sure selfish is the right term, it's possible he thought that going into a GF with neither captain and that hr could impact the game positively.

In truth, we were beaten at the conest and through the middle.
It maye simply have been one game too many for our team given the last two and the quality of the opponent

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Team Captain
Jan 8, 2017
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How bad was Finlayson?
The usual performance when he doesnt have a good game. Lack of effort to hunt the ball when it was nearby and not kicked straight to him. The other damning stat was his 63% TOG - unless he was running injured, thats an extremely poor effort and would have affected rotations for everyone else.


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May 16, 2006
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Hope attending every home game in the first two seasons and occasionally when possible since them means I’m not an opposition supporter.

I didn’t think the Giants were good enough to be in the grand final. Two heart stopping wins elevated a team they really deserved to finish in the 5-6 region based on their footy over the year.

That’s what proved to be the case.

I’m not dirty on the players at all. They had a crack. The effort fell away in the second half as you’d expect when you realise it’s over.

Ultimately the quality of footy this team is capable of producing is not deserving of a flag and today’s result is the evidence.

The challenge will be to hit next season full of running. It’s soul destroying to lose a grand final, even more so when it’s a humiliation like this was. Obviously the coaching situation won’t change, nobody changes coach after a GF appearance.

But humiliating GF losses like that can break a group’s spirit.

Port’s group splintered after their 2007 loss.

Adelaide everyone knows what happened there after their non-effort in 2017.

I reckon if there is a coach in the AFL who can get the mix of toughness and love right it’s probably Leon, I think that’s his strength.

To do better next year this team needs
- Hopper Taranto Perryman to go to the next level
- stop the dumb attempts to play through injury
- better football strategy, need to make more of our opportunities going forward, and need a way of dealing with ground level pressure like Richmond’s

Lots to be positive about across the year mixed in with some worries. End of the day this was a 5-6 side who through a mix of luck and grit fought their way into a GF and were outclassed by a far better team.

Need a great pre season, and to improve across the board so that next year it’s GWS we are describing are the better team.


Orange Army Commissar General
Sep 24, 2014
Macquarie Fields - Western Sydney
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I was just staggered by the amount of orange in the crowd - we practically owned the Ponsford Stand - but probably not surprised given the huge number of people at the march.

Those who dismiss us as plastics etc don't have a clue.
Yeah, we had good numbers and a pretty decent vocal presence while there was something to cheer about.
Met some great GWS supporters in our bay and we are a great bunch of people.
So happy Heater is going around again. He kept his pressure and composure while others cough*Thommo*cough turned it over.
We looked slow and reactive and could barely find a target under pressure.
Full credit to Richmond. They are the best team and proved it.
Our time will come.


Jun 6, 2015
Now Sydney
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Cogs captain now.
Davis loses that right. Couldn't even warm up properly yet says he is 100%.

Absolute ******* disgrace. So ******* angry at the lack of effort and basic skill and selfishness. No wonder Cogs and Ward were angry on the sidelines

They say we are a Ferrari. I call ******* bulls**t on that.
Do wonder about that. Ned Zelic I think in a World Cup carried a back injury just because, “it was a World Cup and I wanted to play”. Far out.
That is bad if that’s the case.
I’m going to the Sheedy Medal. What can you say?
Does that go for Whitfield too? Did he play when he shouldn’t have?
Man. Disappointing game. Spent so much coming down for this. Brought the family. Flights and accomodation.
They were so disengaged.
Longer post when I’m sober.
Spent the whole game a row in front of the biggest DH Tigers fan. Who had 3 one liners about our club and Toby and went on and on about how we didn’t deserve to be in the GF. And then we played like that.
So gutted. Will stop writing.
Most Tigers fans on here have been really good (thank you). The ones I met and heard at the G today were a big bunch of gloating phuqs. Y’know they sang their song 10 minutes into the second quarter? Just gloating phuqs.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2012
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Man so gutted :( just never looked on

What hurts more is the high that the March put me in. Man the crowds marching were amazing !!! So much orange

Its funny Cogs has been mentioned. I watched him closely at the end while Richmond were being presented their medals.

He walked one by one to the most devastated and hurting players and he did the same 4 things each time

1. Massive hug
2. A little shake of the shoulders make them look him in the eye.
3. Said something and made them listen
4. Another big hug

Ward and Davis will be there next year and both deserve a flag, but the future is with cogs as captain. Hand over the reigns

I'm sad it our boys will learn from. I have always hated this bloody saying. But it is so true...... You have to lose one to win one

Go giants 2020

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