News Rhyce Shaw news in The Age tonight.

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Jul 19, 2020
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North Melbourne
Clearly my point is lost on a few so I'll leave it there.

Christ it's not difficult to understand nor am I suggesting anything like people keep saying on my behalf.


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Aug 21, 2012
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North Melbourne
Shaw can do whatever the * he likes!! I've never criticized him once Tas.

All the point I've made is there is no way we should be paying him for this year based on him leaving us not us firing him.

Of course if it's the latter then sure, but that has not been the messaging from the club at all so legally it makes no sense.
From the reports I’ve always got the feeling that, albeit in trying circumstances, there was not enough support for Rhyce which led to him having a breakdown, in which case morally the club owed him something.

As others have pointed out it would have been really hard for him to come back and not disrupt Noble’s reign, so as much as I’d have liked to see him back it does feel like the best option for both parties was to part ways.

I really liked him during his stint with us and was really fired up after his season launch speech. It didn’t work out but I wish him the best. It’s great to see him back even if it is for those rotten bastards.

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Roman Roy

I’m dumb, but I’m smart.
Oct 3, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
To be clear I'm not having a go at Shaw which somehow my words have been twisted.

I am simply questioning the management of his departure especially as we screwed up Scott big time.

To me that's not asking much at all despite all the carry on to "leave it alone".

No, I won't if I we have stuffed it up AGAIN.
Sometimes you need to read the temperature of the room. When people are saying "Leave it alone!" they don't necessarily mean "Shut up and buy a membership." Look at the people who are saying "Leave it alone." Notorious sh*t stirrers and critics of the club among them. They are telling you to let it go because they know that no-one comes out of this situation well if people keep picking at the scab.

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