Richmond just drop the ball close to their bodies when tackled


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Apr 27, 2017
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The all time King of Whinge has to be Damien Softwick. He's whining on about Jack not getting frees then in the same breath he goes on to say .....

"He doesn't blame, doesn't complain – he just gets on with it and jumps at the ball. It is what it is. Not much we can do about it. Hopefully we’ll get a better result next week."

Well eff me, Mr Softwick. Complete sook that Reiwoldt is on the field, he doesn't need to whinge to the media when you do it for him. Could you imagine Longmire going on a presser and whining about Buddy not getting the frees he deserves. Buddy could get killed by a blunt instrument on live TV and still not get a free. And just to add insult to injury Alex Rance would probably fake his own death to milk one, with Buddy being paid a 50 against him for bleeding on the field and obstructing the player with his corpse.

Buddy's gets a way harder deal than Jack but Horse doesn't whine about it. Grow a pair of balls.
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