Autopsy Richmond most valuable players? 22 and under

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Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
AFL Club
Baker 22yr 7mth 27 Jan 1998
J Graham 22yr 6mth 25 Feb 1998
D Eggmolesse-Smith 22yr 4mth 4 May 1998
R Garthwaite 22yr 2mth 30 Jun 1998
S Bolton 21yr 9mth 8 Dec 1998
P Naish 21yr 8mth 15 Jan 1999
J Higgins 21yr 5mth 19 Mar 1999
C Coleman-Jones 21yr 3mth 13 Jun 1999
B Miller 21yr 31 Aug 1999
N Balta 20yr 10mth 23 Oct 1999
R Collier-Dawkins 20yr 7mth 3 Feb 2000
S Stack 20yr 4mth 28 Apr 2000
L English 20yr 20 Aug 2000
J Ross 20yr 3 Sep 2000
F Turner 19yr 8mth 26 Dec 2000
N Cumberland 19yr 6mth 15 Mar 2001
W Martyn 19yr 5mth 29 Mar 2001
B Nyuon 19yr 3mth 18 May 2001
T Dow 18yr 11mth 16 Oct 2001
H Ralphsmith 18yr 10mth 9 Nov 2001

Who are the tigers most important 5 young players?

Feel free to stretch it out to 23/24 if you prefer

Seemingly a lot of discussion in regards to list management. And such of late

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Jul 8, 2017
AFL Club
Balta, Bolton, Baker, Graham and Stack if he can get his head straight and buckle down.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
I'll put my 'potential' crystal ball hat on.

N Balta
S Stack
S Bolton
J Ross
C Coleman-Jones
N Cumberland
H Ralphsmith
B Nyuon
T Dow
J Graham
W Martyn
F Turner
J Higgins
D Eggmolesse-Smith
B Miller
P Naish
L English
R Garthwaite

of course I may be wrong on one or two of them.
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Soldo Gold

Aug 29, 2019
AFL Club
1. Bolton
2. Balta
3. Ross
4. Graham
5. Stack

Based on who's had time this year. Big ask for most of these blokes - waiting for injury, very hard to break in at the expense of premiership players.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 23, 2009
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New York Jets
Most valuable, thats the key here. How hard are players of this type and quality to get/draft?

1. Balta - no contest. Generational athleticism and potential.

2. Bolton - not as high a ceiling, but getting very close to proving he could become an AA calibre midfielder.

3. Stack - 2019 Stack, for sure. Unsure what his 2020 and recent misbehaviour does for this rating, but go back to his highlights from last year, if he gets anywhere close to that he'd be a star.

4. Baker - Gun, but most valuable? How far does a guy at his size go in terms of potential? Best 22 player for sure, but has a lower ceiling than others.

5. Coleman-Jones - again, pre incident, but think value and importance to us. Highly rated both as a KPF and a second ruck, players that can genuinely play both positions are rare and take years to develop which drives up his value, especially when they are highly rated juniors.

RCD next in line due to his size and speed combo for a midfielder.

I've seen some people say Jack Graham, sure he's improving offensively, but there are countless Jack Graham ceiling types easily accessible and gettable all across the second and third rounds at every draft. Solid-good midfielders are the most common and easily acquired players in the league via draft, trade or FA.

The Mighty

Team Captain
May 20, 2019
AFL Club
Before Kebabgate

I had Balta, Bolton, Graham, CCJ and Stackie

Now with CCJ and Stackie no certainties to stay at the club at seasons end i have to leave them out.

Balta, Bolton, Graham, Baker and Ross.

Graham and Ross both have leadership qualitites going forward.

Baker is just loved by all.

Bolton and Balta are the 2 people will go to the footy to watch.

Stack could be a star as we well know, and CCj could be a star also.

Then there is young Dow and Ralphsmith who have both impressed this year.


Nov 20, 2008
AFL Club
Balta bolton baker Graham and RCD
rcd based purely on potential upside and the need for a big bodied pure ball winner.

Still believe Stack has an unbelievably high ceiling. Hope he gets it right on and off field.
Yes I'm on the Stacky bandwagon ..

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