Play Nice Richmond, set to become the biggest club in Australia, now with 100K members

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Apr 18, 2015
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Stopped reading at expert Jack Watts.

Edit: So basically either Richmond and Collingwood are the biggest clubs depending on who is more successful. So many bandwagon supporters out there. Disgusting.

Another Edit: Technically I am one of those supporters. Had a Collingwood membership from 09-14.

Another Another Edit: Only because my Dad stopped buying me one. Want one. Just don't want to pay for one.
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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 30, 2014
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The myth the pies are this huge untouchable huge club is a load of crap and to much listening to Eddie. They have been a top 4 club for the best part of a decade.

Success at tracks fans

The Hawks are probably the biggest Victorian club atm thanks to their success in recent years
Richmond are out doing the pies in attendances

Essendon have been a backet case for the last decade and feature in the top two to three crowd averages every year playing out of Etihad.
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