Game Day Richmond v Port Melbourne Swinburne Centre 13/4/19 at 11am

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Fraser Turner
25 disposals, 15 uncontested possessions, 10 handball receives, four rebound 50s & three inside 50s

“Played on a wing for the entirety of the game. He’s showing some great signs of growth in his development as a player and led the team with 25 disposals. He’s got some structural work to do, but on a whole he’s really playing to his strengths, which is pleasing to see.”

Patrick Naish
25 disposals, 17 uncontested possessions, 10 handball receives & five inside 50s

“Continues his really good form at this level. Again, a high-disposal winner - had 18 kicks on the day and equal-highest disposal with 25. A good balance of contested and uncontested possessions. He had two shots on goal for the day from a wing.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith
19 disposals, four marks & four rebound 50s

“He continued his really strong defensive focus at this level. He’s really supporting our team mechanics and is playing great football and 19 disposals was a good reward for his efforts.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins
18 disposals, 11 contested possessions, five clearances & six handball receives

“A strong body, he started the game really well. His 18 disposals, 11 contested, were a feature, as well as five clearances. It was really pleasing to see him play to his strengths.”

Dan Butler
17 disposals, four tackles, one goal, three goal assists

“Returned from AFL footy for his first VFL game since late last year. He really showed his speed and ability to cover the ground. He had 17 disposals as a small forward, kicked 1.2 and had three direct goal assists, which was a highlight on the day. He looks like he’s ready to go back to the AFL when opportunity presents.”

Luke English
16 disposals, three tackles, six clearances & four rebound 50s

“Played a really accountable role through the midfield. Had been playing forward but it was really important to be able to put him back in the midfield. He provided a good, strong contest and had commitment to his role. His clearances led the team and he looks at his best through the midfield position.”

Callum Moore
14 disposals, four marks, two goals & two tackles

“Has had a great start to the season and kicked another two goals. His marking - one in particular where he jumped into the pack - was a highlight, playing to his strengths. He’s playing good football, just waiting for AFL opportunity.”

Oleg Markov
13 disposals, five marks & five handball receives

“Returned from the AFL, but looked quite sore post game after injuring his knee. His customary dash off half-back really stood out.”

Mabior Chol
13 disposals, eight marks, two goals & four inside 50s

“Started the game reasonably slowly, but when put into the ruck he lifted his intensity and started to get rewarded late in the game as a forward. He took a couple of really nice contested marks, and finished the game with eight marks, with three of those contested. He kicked a couple of goals late in the game too.”

Jake Aarts
13 disposals, five marks, five tackles & one goal

“Returned after being out for a week with injury and had a slow start, but as the game wore on he really looked like his contest and his tackling were there for everyone to see, including five on the day which led the team.”

Callum Coleman-Jones
12 disposals, four marks, two clearances and two rebound 50s

“He had 12 disposals, playing mostly forward this week, with a little bit of time in the ruck, sharing the duties with Mabior Chol. His performance last week was the best he’s played for the club; now he didn’t reach those heights, but there were periods in the game where he showcased his strengths, particularly in the marking contests, which was pleasing to see.”

Ben Miller
Nine disposals, one goal & six marks

“Second game back from injury and had nine disposals, playing as a bit of a swingman with a bit down back and then went forward where he looked comfortable. He kicked a beautiful set-shot goal and set-up another through great positioning and playing his role.”

Ivan Soldo
25 hit-outs, nine disposals, one goal & two clearances

“Played a fantastic game for us - dominated the ruck, won clearances, tackled really well, was strong, and managed to kick a goal. He’s playing great football.”

Ryan Garthwaite
Seven disposals, three spoils, four marks & three tackles

“Back from the AFL and had a low possession count, but was really hard and miserly to play against. Between him and Hugh Beasley, they kept Jordan Lisle scoreless, which was a terrific job by both those guys, especially Ryan who really stood-out.”
Aug 15, 2015
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So the youngest player in the draft is our highest possession winner and is only going to get better once he improves his structural work (McRaes assessment) !!!

That’s great when you consider our game plan is not geared towards high possession rates and you’re getting a kid that is still years away from peaking racking up those numbers. Gaff type im hoping
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