Rumour Ricky Nixon giving flu jabs

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Feb 21, 2019
AFL Club

He owns a company called Vital Health Checks. Drives around to busniesses doing health checks.
That sounds too legitimate. I had a mental image of a van pulling up next to me and Ricky asking me if I wanted to jump in the back for a jab. I like my version

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Cripps 'n' Blue Bloods

Sir Cripps of Carlton House
Mar 26, 2015
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He's always struck me as the kind of rooster that if an alleyway to make a quid exists, he'll be able to see it.
Makes regular visits to Bendigo. Was selling PPE during peak COVID. Constantly advertising on his facebook about where he's going to be and what he's selling.
Flu jabs, PPE, signed memorabilia, footy nights.