Injury Rioli & Bolton involved in nightclub incident. Shai broken wrist, 2 to 3 weeks.

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Oct 22, 2017
By the Seaside
AFL Club
scaphoid is nasty so doubt it, hopefully a little crack mid wrist and 6 weeks to heal but play with a brace after 3
I broke my scaphoid, coincidentally the same time as Craig Starcevich. We both broke it playing footy. It is a poxy bone.
‘Craig had his wrist operated on straight away and had a pin inserted. Healed in two weeks.
Me, in an out of a cast for 3 months…didn’t heal (not helped by removing cast each Friday to play on Saturday). Eventually had a pin inserted and then was in a cast for nine long months. Finally healed but the arthritis at times is killer.

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All Australian
Sep 15, 2017
AFL Club
Heard a rumour that there are further details to emerge on this that contradict the story. Heard from a mate who called the Dimma breakup a month before it became public.


Club Legend
Aug 15, 2009
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Nothing new in there except they stayed outside the club...They could have been waiting for friends to leave? Who cares.
Most of the football media are grubs and will keep digging in the hope they find something, failing that they'll just invent the old unsubstantiated "eyewitness" account.

You are totally right, nothing new in that article.



Aug 18, 2019
AFL Club
West Coast
No probs mate. But if we win the flag again, you won't mind me reminding you that it may well have been this event that galvanised the group. I'm sure if that happens you'll agree that standing up for your partner get you more respect than high tailing it out of there.

From all reports it was Dan who got punched in the face. But hey you know, top four.
You can stand up for your partner but be responsible and kick the perpetrators hard in the groin, no need to injure yourself or give the perpetrators a comeback for your actions, cowards usually complain when they don’t like treatment they deserve.

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Phar Ace

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Feb 9, 2017
Sunshine Coast
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Brisbane Bullets, Firebirds
To be more specific - the rumour I heard was that it was Shai who punched Daniel. Hoping it's not true.
That would be strange - but I guess all we have so far is one black eye and one broken wrist - in the absence of anything else, it's possible I suppose they are connected🤦‍♂️
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Jun 26, 2007
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Yep. So if those two boys went and got take away kebabs and returned , no issue. The issue was going to the rippers.

But the media focused on the fight. When it was clear as day our boys got attacked by a thug and Sydney was helping coleman Jones.

It really is us against everyone else but that's how we like it.
From an AFL article

Stack and Coleman-Jones officially breached the AFL's COVID-19 protocols in taking an Uber, visiting a non-approved Gold Coast venue and becoming involved in an incident that involved Queensland Police. Stack was detained by police and released a short time after.

Drunken Wookie

Wunken Drookie
Feb 13, 2006
Just beyond the horizon.
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To be more specific - the rumour I heard was that it was Shai who punched Daniel. Hoping it's not true.
So Daniel was sexually harassing his own girlfriend and decided to do something about it, got in a tussle with himself, then Shai jumped to his defence and punched him in the eye?

I'm no Dick Tracy but I reckon there might be a few holes in that story.

All Aust

Baby Got Back
Oct 29, 2020
AFL Club
To be more specific - the rumour I heard was that it was Shai who punched Daniel. Hoping it's not true.
Chins aplenty would have been all over that one with an abundance of "allegedly's" thrown in for good measure. Then, allegedly, he would eat more pies.

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