Rise of The Giants - Nick Haynes Documentary

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Aug 14, 2021
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Incredible stuff, hearing them talk about the fourth quarter of the 2016 Prelim was really insightful. We often hear the story of the comeback feel good bulldogs but was good to get the heartbreaking perspective from the GWS side of things.

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Sep 13, 2011
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that was outstanding.

tried searching for it on youtube but it’s not listed or searchable so well done for finding it and thanks for posting it.

most surprising thing for me though was f**king Leon f**king cameron and his f**king filthy mouth.

would never have thought he could swear as much as he did, f**k me.
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Jan 30, 2016
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This film is a stunning, tour de force achievement by Nick Haynes.

If anyone wants to know ‘Who are the Giants?’, this documentary provides the 10 year answer in 60 minutes with an unflinching emotional punch.

The reputations of all players and staff featured are deeply enhanced by this film.

The four key players featured are Cal, Phil, Cogs and Toby.

IMO the subtext of this documentary is that the Giants have been blessed with epic twin pillars of leadership since the beginning in Cal and Phil.

And, while I appreciate that this may be a controversial opinion, that this responsibility now passes to Cogs and Toby.

[Editors note - Nick, there’s a minor typo in the word ‘inconsistent’ in one of your text screens in the film.

I think you should enter this film into a few 2021-22 Film festivals as you’ve created a masterpiece.]

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