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Following questions as to what the Rugby League board rules are, here is a basic list of the most commonly broken rules (or at least the one that I look to punish users for). If I see fit I can add to this list of rules at ANY time, so review this list of rules every so offen to see if I've added any new rules to make sure you don't cross the line unknowingly (not knowing won't be accepted as a defence for what its worth). So if you don't want a post or thread deleted or don't want your access removed to this board follow these rules and everyone should be happy (or at least I should).

1. No offensive behavour.

That means no unwarranted bad langage within posts (the odd slip in context will be forgiven), no trolling for responses be it, anti League or anti AFL and no posting of a subject that is considered to be "in bad taste". Also any posts that are deemed to be legally questionable will be removed.

2. No abusing other posters.

Have a problem with another poster than take it to PM's. Mods DON'T want to see personal abuse on this board, warranted or not. So either abuse someone in private (which we also don't like to see but can't stop) and away from the public eye or if you feel a poster warrants abuse - report them to the mods of this board.

3. No "anti League" threads/posts to be started.

This ones for the AFL fans, don't be a jackass and come onto this board and start trouble with the League fans who do visit this board. Any "trolling" will not only be removed, but you'll be banned from this board and we the mods will also consider requesting that you have your access to the other parts of this site blocked for a period of time. Also League fans this doesn't give you the right however to "bait" AFL fans on here either.

4. No posting of PM's from other posters unless you have permission to do so.

If you DON'T have the permission of the author to post their PM's DON'T post, otherwise if we get a complaint we'll look into it and you'll run the risk of a banning from this site. So if you want to post a PM from somebody, make sure you have their permission.

5. No starting of threads asking "why a mod took a certain course of action" or restarting locked or deleted thread's.

Have a question as to why a mod took a course of action on this board then PM the mods. DON'T start a new thread asking why, because it WILL be removed. Also if a thread has been locked or deleted, its safe to say that the topic isn't acceptable and will not last long a second time. Also threads moved from the Main Board to the Rugby League Board are deleted when the Board Mods find them.

Please note that if you've used the opportunity to troll Rugbly league or Rugby league fans in threads before they have been moved here, then you may face sanctioning from the mods of this forum.

6. No Re-Hashing Old Posts.

No bringing up threads that are more than 3 months old, unless the thread contains the following topics - Season/State of Origin/Premiership predictions, Match predictons or Player predictions.

7. No PMing Mods telling them how to run the board.

Plain and simple. Suggestions are taken on board and given plenty of thought.

8 Mod privilege

The mods of this forum and others around the Big Footy family will be given slightly more leeway than a normal poster although that leeway will be minimal for the most part.

9 Posting News articles

Just to clear up any confusion on posting articles.

Put head line in as such:
meltiger to make Storm debut

Add link as such:

Noted Melbourne Storm fanatic meltiger is set to make his debut next to his great mate Billy Slater tonight as the Storm enter their 42nd Grand Final in a row.

10 Thread derailment.

Posts which cause threads to be derailed will be deleted. If these posts are deleted because of the actions of other posters then your issue is with them not the moderator of this forum.

11 Illegal Streams and Downloads.

Just a reminder that these are strictly forbidden. Linking, discussing, asking for links etc.

Please keep within these rules and hopeful we won't have any ISSUES.
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