Game Day RND 10 - 🏈 Carlton v Sydney Game Day 🏈

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I’d put your ire more to Kennedy and Hewett, without Cerra they have been able to sit on Walsh.
Kennedy and Hewitt aren't getting paid nigh on million bucks a year. Couple of the other midfield leaders are. Great when the goings good. All more than happy to throw up the white flag when the going gets tough. Ego gets you nowhere.
Easier when you recruit a certain body type, athletic ability & train in the extra skill too.
They all look the bloody same, our blokes look like a bunch of misfit toys found in box at the back of a garage sale
I don't disagree. However when you get free hits at Heeney, Blake, Gulden, Mills, Wicks, just like Collingwood got Moore + 2 x Daicos', it makes a big difference.

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Gee you’d hope Charlie is carrying something
Bit of both, some reliable posters have said he's carrying an injury but some of his work is insipid too.
Your full forward shouldn't be cheating out the back as often as he does and we wonder why we can't create opportunities for our smalls. He needs a rocket and potentially a rest.
Seen enough from Carroll. Can see why he slid to a pick in the 40s. Not quick enough for burst and speed. Not strong enough to tackle and contest. Not a competitor, yeah yeah he's young, I just don't see it. Had the same thoughts with Dow at his age.

Raz, don't play him for the rest of year. In fact, just get him off the list.

Durdin, really offers nothing.

Small fwds, speedy mid, key defenders. That'll get us to 17.

Will also be handy to not have half our list injured.

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Unless we decide to just go into games with 15 players, we can’t permanently ban players from playing games this year unfortunately.
Corey Durdin
Offer literally ****ing nothing
H missed that goal and it was inevitable really, our troops are all injury prone.
We’re in trouble of missing the 8 at this stage, Gold Coast will toast us, the bombers have us covered.
The game has changed and Voss and Co. have missed it.
Dynamic mids, quick.
We need troops
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