Game Day Rnd 11 - Carlton v Essendon Game Day Discussion

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Jul 7, 2018
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Begging for priority picks sort of does !!
At what point did I beg for a pick?

Given you have zero ability to infer, let me spell out the purpose of my post.

1) the AFL has a rule that allows them the discretion to offer draft concessions to poor performing sides
2) we are the worst performed side in 25 years, we’ll struggle to accrue five wins in two seasons
3) if the AFL choose not to offer concessions to us this year they may as well remove the pretense of the rule altogether because I struggle to imagine another side ever being this bad in the future

This statement has no bearing on the fact that our list management, recruiting, development, conditioning, selection and strategy are all deserving of criticism and clearly the main reasons we’re in this predicament.

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Jul 7, 2017
In a galaxy far far away......
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If anyone besides JW, Stocker, Kruez and Cas put their hands out for their match payment this week should be asked one question “based on your performance on Sunday do you deserve to be paid?” Not one but the above 4 deserve to be paid.

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Aug 12, 2012
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Alright I'm done. Someone send me a text if anything interesting happens for the rest of the year. Too much other important sh*t I could be doing.

Glad we loaded up on defenders. Because with the way our midfield lets teams waltz through the middle and pepper our D50, there's no ******* way any would want to come to our club.
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