Preview Rnd 21 - Carlton v Richmond - Sunday 11th August 3:20PM @ MCG - Final Team - Post #399

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Hands On

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Oct 26, 2016
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Richmond depth been talked up for years now by their supporters, surely having a couple like Martin and Cotchin out (equivalent to Cripps & Docherty for us earlier this year) they should account for a bottom 4 team? If only we had Charlie, Docherty, Marchbank....I'd be more confident....:p
Doc Yes, But rain and hail tomorrow will nullify marking tall's on both sides. the team that wants it more will win.


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Jun 30, 2018
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Hey blue boys, gonna be a great game, l predicted after the first game of the year that you would be pushing for top 8 this year and be in the top eight next year, l was wrong given you guys found your mojo later than l expected.

You guys have to take the game on to win, but thats a double edged sword. Good luck.

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Sector 7G

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Aug 21, 2009
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Hahaha come on now.

Between Rance, Cotchin & Martin:

2 x Brownlows
1 x Norm Smith
2 x AFLCAs
3 x Premierships
9 x All Australians (1 x captaincy)
6 x B&Fs
649 games experience

Between Curnow, Docherty & Marchbank:

1 x All Australian
1 x B&F
198 games experience
Don't forget we are missing Cogs and Papley from our best 22 that will be playing round 1 next year


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Apr 20, 2015
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I actually feel like a kid before Christmas.

Haven’t been this excited for a game since our last final.

Such a tough ask, but I just love how we’re going about it atm..

Love the ins too.

Personally would swap Lang for Kennedy, but otherwise happy. I heard Lang is team first attitude which is respected and everyone knows he has talent just waiting for it to finally click.. I personally don’t see it.. gets too tense under pressure, the opposite of a sponge for me..

Heard 2 other rumours this week. 1) Kennedy dropped for attitude/effort. 2) bolts didn’t like Kennedy and was never going to get a shot with him.

Come on blues... we need to be on for four quarters, they could blow us away otherwise..

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Aug 30, 2014
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Whilst I like our ins and our recent record as much as the next, I'm never confident against Richmond. They have their tails up, loads to play for and are great in the wet. I'm well and truly in the Hopeful category.

manang magoos

Feb 19, 2018
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I think the Tigers are treating the Blues with disrespect by leaving Martin out and bringing Nankervis into the team. Their choice.

How long since we had a daylight game against the Tigers?
Well it will come back and bite em on the bum when they lose and it costs them atop four stop then they
go out in first week of finals
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