Preview Rnd 3 - Carlton v Fremantle Sunday 4th April 3.20PM @ Etihad

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May 7, 2007
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I wonder why Levi is in the team for this game ? What is the value add here ?
Could actually have a good game down forward today. Very small backline and Harry will obvs take #1 defender. Their second tallest defender is 10cm shorter than Cas. I think Pitto resting down forward could also be very good for us too, which would require Cas pinch-hitting in the ruck. Obvious choice for Cas to stay in the team and drop him if he doesn’t nothing today, as there are no excuses at all today.


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Nov 13, 2015
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he isn't performing I agree but i assume he is in to assist with ruck duties and its a contingency for a tall going down up front or back.
Perhaps OMac was better equiped to play that role in the last 2 weeks, today

Been a staunch supporter of Levi, but he is clearly hampered by his knee injury

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an unbiased carlton man

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Sep 4, 2020
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So...that has what to do with what he said?
He suggested that I was implying that we persist with Ed just to retain Charlie. My rebuttal was that Charlie lives on the surf coast, with some critical thinking one would gather that I’m suggesting criticising players for choosing to live on the surf coast when they play for Carlton is a slippery slope. Are we not just shitting on Ed because we’re losing? If we were winning games knowing he lives on the surf coast it’d make fu** all difference.

Anyway, go blues. I think McKay has potential to expose an undersized Freo defence and is poised to explode after tying with Balta and arguably beating Moore.


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Sep 26, 2011
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We’ve only played 2 games and 70% efficiency is good...
my mistake, kindly explain how you came up with 70% efficiency.
my point is those two players are not leading by example, the glearing negative stat is tackles...forwards MUST apply pressure...both are slow and neither are capable of applying constant foot speed pressure. we would be better of playing Honey, Cottrell, Philp or Owies in the position Murphy’s playing and McDonald or Jones in Casboult’s position. Put Casboult behind the ball, he has played well there...doesn’t need leg speed just plain old fashioned body contact and a big fist.

Hands On

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Oct 26, 2016
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In regards to the first 2 rounds, sometimes sh*te happens. On paper and if we are on the improve we need to win by 10 goals today four or five goal win on a young and injury depleted side will not be acceptable after Teauges message during the week.

should we have a substantial win I hope we as supporters and the Club dont have a huge Jizz fest over it. the club now needs to move forward and progressively blood youngsters that perform in the 2's. Completion for spots results in accountability.


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May 31, 2012
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Not sure that GPS stats are really the point JAB. We are desperately in need of some class with mongrel. Fraser Brown comes to mind. Mitch Robbo would be handy. Murph, for all his skill is a receiver, and we have more than enough of those, 10+ years younger. We can do without Murphy's loopy kicks and handballs designed to make sure he isn't the one tackled, at the expense of team mates, pokey kicks off the ground rather than putting body one the line (this is what he is paid for) to win the ball.

For me, Murph is the first out. Air, Fresh would be a more weighty replacement.

300 games is no milestone when you get carried for the last 100....
Mate I haven't been a Murphy fanboy for at least 4 years- I was just trying to channel Teague's logic- we all know it is about paying him back for backing in the current coaching squad - just another senior coach Murph has presided over...everything you and others say is on display week in week out and has been for years - like every player though - he can have his moments and that is when the defenders of the faith jump in...
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