Autopsy Rnd 5: Beaten by The Lions and [REDACTED]

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Senior List
Jun 13, 2015
AFL Club
I understand we will lose games to good sides. But I am so sick of games being over inside 20 mins. Happened tonight and against port and at least 7-8 times last year...makes for such a long four qtrs as a supporter😡

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Premium Platinum
Jun 29, 2006
AFL Club
Whole thing was basically a waste of time, but now we've lost Ridley :(
Did not play to the conditions at all in the 1st half and that made the gap in class even more noticeable.
Merrett worked his arse off, Hind and McGrath looked OK, Perkins tried hard and was the best of the kids, Cox had some moments.
Jones probably needs a week or two in the 2nds. Stringer was invisible, Parish and Langford seemed to find pressure everywhere they found the ball.
It seems we can't kick a goal without Hooker but he's an absolute liability when the ball hits the deck.

Disappointing to see the endeavour from the last few weeks disappear. Let's see what they dish up next week.


Premiership Player
Jul 23, 2018
AFL Club
I think Reid showed good signs in a tough debut. Perkins was good in the wet. Hind. Cox had some good moments. Francis is becoming a better player by the game. Redman looks like he's closer to the best version of himself. Heppell, Stringer, Smith, Parish and Langford didnt stand up tonight as senior players.

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