Game Day Rnd 6 - Carlton v Brisbane Game Day Discussion

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 5, 2004
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Whether it's Lyon or someone of his elk, I want an experience coach who can introduce some semblance of a defensive and transition system of the ball into the forward line. Teague may eventually be able do that but it doesn't look like he is capable of doing that any time soon..

Maybe Judd was right when he said that Carlton didn't need a coach with the 'training wheels' on.
As I said earlier, changing coaches has done nothing for 20 years bar a burst from Ratts. Premiership coaches, rookie coaches. We destroy coaching reputations. What is sad is that Teague is by far our 2nd best coach on a win/loss basis this century. That is really sad.

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Mar 7, 2009
The Cupboard
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Dodgy umpiring in the second will cost us.
Bullshit Lance, stop giving the players outs.

Nobody on BF is more critical of the umpiring standards than I, but this loss is square at the feet of the players. No effort, no intensity, no care, no consistency and lack of ability to perform basic football fundamentals all over the field. We are as a weak as piss.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2016
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How can you get done for holding the man at that spot Cripps - you should be on the move, not rtailing your opponent. He's been pretty poor for every quarter after the first.


All Australian
Feb 21, 2019
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The players are very stressed. There’s lots of evidence of that tonight including Eddie missing from 20 metres out. This may sound radical but they need a coach who has a solid reputation, is calm but tough. Let’s be radical and terminate Teague and even some of the support coaches and appoint Ross Lyon and he can select one or two new assistants. There’s a cultural and psychological problem that must be immediately addressed.
P.S That also means Eddie retires and joins the football department NOW
Would rather give Teague one year next year where he picks HIS ASSISTANTS , Barker 1 has been there too long 2 just isn't a midfield coaches a**hole . He should have been given fresh and his choice of assistants when he started . He was set up to fail from day one . Bringing in woosha now reeks of desperation .
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