Autopsy Rnd 9: Mauled By the Lions

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Jobe Watson

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Jun 12, 2009
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Season basically over. Looking at our fixture we'll be lucky to win another 2 games. Hawthorn and Melbourne the only games we'd maybe be favourites in. Injuries and us being complete and utter sh*t mean we aren't going far this year.

Get spuds like Redman, Gleeson, Zaharakis and Townsend out of the team. Give as much gametime as possible to Draper and Zerk-Thatcher. Hopefully we can debut Jones and Mozzie at some point. Hopefully Daniher can play a few games before he pisses off to Sydney.

Draper was great. Looks like he'll live up to the hype. McGrath and Parish tried hard all night. Ridley composed as always. **** everyone else.
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Jun 29, 2006
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well that was terrible.
Surprised to hear it was our lowest total this century, we've had som howlers.

McGrath, Ridley and Draper on debut. That's about it. Although the backing did try to hold it together.

Far too many passengers, far too many whose first instinct isn't to hunt the ball or the opposition

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