Autopsy Roast & Toast R18 vs Brisbane & Changes for R19 vs Geelong

Best 5 vs Brisbane?

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Feb 5, 2009
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Great to see CHOL coming of age and starting to take big grabs and crash packs. Then, the running goal from 53m was pure class and silk. Keeper.
Love Mansell's work... courageous, composed and quick.
Well done Dan Rioli!! looked super off HB.

I'm not a huge egg fan (well the food yes, but the player no) but he does have good skills (important for hitting leading fwds), good speed, decent defensive abilities and mindset, has played some good games at the top level and is in good form... so I'd not be against trying him on the wing in place of Kmac. Egg or Parker who seems tailor made for the role, if we can spare him out of middle where his tackling and toughness (and clearance potential at least) is needed.

Everyone can see that Arts and George at times have been great contributors and part of a forward kaos/pressure system that was working very well. Equally I would have thought everyone can see that now they are contributing bugger all and have been similar for weeks and weeks now. Enough is enough. It's getting painful to watch. I'd rather watch MRJ (at 60% game time) than Arts. Might even get a goal out him!?!

Dow not ready, Naish a bit soft when we are missing so many other hard bodies (might be ok in the future when the rest of the team is flying and seniors are playing).

In: Edwards, Egg, Caddy (senior body and experience needed against the Cats), Martyn (great inside mid work in the VFL and deserves another chance I think)... a nice mix of mids and fwds that we need to replace.
Out: Arts, Castagna, Kmac, Dusty

And on all the dangerous tackle and so many concussions recently.... why are soft helmets (ala Caleb Daniel) not compulsory for every player. If the AFL really cares about player welfare, and the soft helmets work (?), then just do it.... have each players number on the helmet, and a club logo? As soon as every player has it there is no stigma or targeting the guy with the helmet. It's more enjoyable to watch players being easily identifiable without them, but not at the cost of them getting knocked out more often?


Sep 7, 2003
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Bolton kicks the ball right into Pickett but it bounces back to him like he has it on a string haha and Chol, so smooth <3
RFC ,keeping footy watchable despite the rule changes,we have a great chemistry at Tigerland.

Only reason the other teams are taking our top 4 position is because of the unrelenting injuries every week to our squad and the umpires inventing new rules for us but mysteriously swallowing that rule for every other team.

TY k31th for the goal highlights.
Still an awesome team.

A team they had to make rule changes to stop!

As us Tiger fans knew all along,the new rule changes were not about fixing the game,they were about fixing Richmond winning games.

What a goal by Chol,really set up the win.

We play the team that Hocking tailor made his rulebook for.

It would be great to slap that rulebook back in the campaigner's face this week!

Then his phonecall to Gil after the loss to close the season.
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Oct 24, 2020
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Having only watched the game late last night due to a very busy friday night and weekend have not made comment till now.

Given all the circumstances can only say what a good win.

Thought Dan Rioli had a decent game at last. i mention him because ive been pretty critical of him. I still think he cannot play there when Vlastuin comes back.

Criticism without going into them too far as the win is what should be the main focus there is a few things that continue to be big concerns. At various stages our mids got belted and thats with Nankervis back. The one who is missed second only to Nankervis is Prestia will be happier when he returns.

Castagna and Aarts sheesh they remain the elephants in the room.

This will sound strange Chol kicked four and had a good game but none of the concerns about him have gone. What is obvious though is with Nankervis in the team and how big was he, he provides a good chop out for Nank and he does the same when forward for Lynch and Riewoldt.

Personally with Riewoldt at 33 and Lynch getting close to 30 i would love for us to actually have a quality young KPF and we get games into him but we dont have that we have two ruckmen come forwards and the competition is on for the ruck fwd spot.

Again a very good win and am pleased more for tiger supporters than anything else to sort of get a bit of the monkey off the back.


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Jun 29, 2018
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too much waking and baking?
Na mate, I been on full health kick.. haven’t had a smoke for about a month now.. probably why I haven’t been as creative as i have usually am in my posting 🤣🤣

Lost 7-8k tho, feel amazing
Just wish I could go gym, footy and normal everyday stuff again
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