Toast Robbie Williams - Best pre-match entertainment ever?

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Sep 7, 2009
Bull Creek WA
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Real Madrid, Man City, GS Warriors
Robbie Williams nailed the pre-match entertainment this year which was one of the best in recent times.

Up there with Lionel Richie in the 2010 Replay and The Killers in 2017 in AFL GF pre-match entertainment hall of fame. Disappointed no encore postgame from RW.

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Killers were easily the standout but Robbie was solid I have just behind Lionel Richie in the best performances. There may be a bit of bias there though as Lionel Richie came as a surprise while Robbie Williams was as expected.
Yeah thought he was terrific and the crowd got really involved. There are very few particularly memorable ones, so today’s set sits well above most.

Wonder why Kylie didn’t sing her part of Kids, given she lives here now? That would have topped it right off. Not that Delta wasn’t good

ABC Radio reported this morning that Kylie is currently overseas.

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Until Cosmic Psychos play Pub, Fred Negro does Thursday night crawl and until Aloi Head and the Victor Motors play "Ball...... YES", the grand final shall be incomplete, otherwise, the performance yesterday was as good as it gets.
Worst ever.
Meatloaf was better
The 1/2 time show was way better.
Thank flock that useless, no-talent try-hard is finished & we can move on to something better
A cat wailing to Wiggles music played on a zither would be better

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I was pretty confident that Robbie would crush it, he's the perfect performer to do a show like this. People ranging in age from about 20 to about 60 know at least a few of his hits and unlike Meatloaf, you could be confident he'd give a crap. Just remember this next time a big international name is announced and people start whinging that it isn't a local.

Not sure if my memory is fuzzy but the sound really explodes around the MCG now, I remember the past Geelong grand finals and it seemed like you could basically ignore the pre-game entertainment if you wanted to. I was walking in when Robbie was on and it was just booming around the ground.

What really took his performance and The Killers to the next level was the references to Australia: Farnham, Warne, Midnight Oil. With that, you sort of need to keep the element of surprise. If you had a big international name throwing an INXS or ACDC cover into their set every year it'd get tacky and trite... I feel like it's an every five year thing.
Robbie Williams was easily the best in terms of engagement of fans at the ground. Most years the bars are still pretty full and there are plenty of seats unoccupied. This year was different. The amount of people singing along to Angels and You‘re the Voice was astonishing for something nearly an hour before the first bounce. The ultimate validation that it was the best was that no one left their seats and once the act was over, every bathroom had a 10 minute line.
Love how he said that he was going to be amazing for the next 20 minutes... And absolutely nailed the call.

He's definitely top 3. Loved his rendition of "You're The Voice".
Robbie Williams has fairly wide appeal, and clearly a ton of charisma...

But even when the AFL Grand Final entertainment is "good", it's terrible.

I remember when Tones & I played... the weird dancers in the white shirts. Same thing with Robbie Williams yesterday. Swallowed up by the ground, and pretty damn uncool anyway.

It all just rings hollow, and very forced. There's no real atmosphere for it, and the people performing are just pushing it uphill the whole time.

Not to mention, it's the football. I've never been to a gig and thought what it needs is a quick footy match before the band comes out.

The Superbowl shows are easier to stomach, but they're such a "thing". They're often as anticipated as the actual game. Prince's set in that massive downpour was great. It's such a different vibe. And the acts are current and the biggest in the world. The focus is the show.

We don't have that in the AFL. It always feels like an after thought, a square peg bumping against a round hole. And the acts they bring in are always a bit to a lot past it.

Sort of like those "celebrity" TV shows, which actual "celebrities" with currency wouldn't even consider bothering with. And you end up with a ton of "who?"

The sets are always swallowed up in a massive expanse of green grass and an ambivalent crowd.

Honestly, if the AFL never had Grand Final "entertainment" again, I wouldn't miss it. In fact, I'd welcome that.

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