Welcome Rookie Pick 9 (2016) - Peter Ladhams


Feb 23, 2008
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Port Adelaide
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Toronto Raptors
They need to get it done ASAP or north or someone will offer a godlike offer, like the saints are offering Draper. If that happens ya can’t blame him for going
Yep. This is exactly how we lost Polec. Make our best offer now and get him signed up before someone else makes an offer better than our best one.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 5, 2013
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Port Adelaide
I would have Boak level respect for Peter if he stays with port. The amount of clubs that would be offering him the world right now would be crazy.

If he stays I’m sorry Hayes but Ladhams is the next number 1 ruck

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Jan 29, 2016
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Port Adelaide
Yep. This is exactly how we lost Polec. Make our best offer now and get him signed up before someone else makes an offer better than our best one.
Did Polec turn out the way the club wanted it to?
Im wondering if Port are setting him up as trade?
One year (if this is true?) seems an invitation to other clubs to make offers?


Dominus Ex Machina
Sep 9, 2007
Portland, Oregon
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Port Adelaide
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Ryder - 31
Lycett - 26
Ladhams - 21
Hayes - 20

In five years:

Lycett - 31
Ladhams - 26 (will be a free agent in four years - time spent on a rookie list counts)
Hayes - 25 (free agent)

I’m all for giving him two years, but the facts are that Hayes has shown more and is the better player. It’s like West Coast with Naitanui and Lycett - one of them was always going to go.

Now, if Hayes can develop into a great forward/ruck, that’s a different story. Which is why I’m giving him two years.

If he wants to go for game time there’s nothing you can do but get the best deal for him. No pick swaps - players only.

Kiss from a Rozee

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Nov 23, 2018
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Port Adelaide
Honestly I just think if we are getting big offers we should strongly consider them. I do think it would have to form part of a bold strategy at the trade table, throwing other surplus players around as well (Atley, SPP, Lienert, DBJ, Bonner spring to mind) in order to land big targets. If we had a trade period where we simply straight swapped Ladhams for pick 20 then that would be disastrous but if we use him and other draft capital/depth players to improve our forward line or midfield in both the short and long term I'd be stoked.

I'm thinking something like landing Lukosius and Fantasia while still improving our draft position, and losing Ladhams, Atley, Ryder and Bonner or something. Maybe landing a huge target like Coniglio.

The fact is we have surplus ruckman right now, and we have to move some of them on. Whether that's this year or in a couple, whether its Ryder, Frampton or Hayes, whether we opt to trade out a forward like Marshall or Frampton instead, that's all up for debate, but we should absolutely be cashing in IMO. We know we aren't trading out Lycett, and we know he will most likely be our number one ruck for at the minimum another 2 years and he could even improve on his current form and hold that spot for 6 years. Yes Ladhams could become a superstar in 2 years and give us 8 years of being the number one, but he could also fall of a cliff and become the next Lobbe. Maybe its a bit too early to make that call, but if we can force another club to pay through the nose for him then we can put that risk onto them, and aim to improve our best 22 immediately.

It might just be that clubs are only willing to offer a second rounder or some s**t, and then I'd only really consider it if it was the last of a series of trades that would get a huge deal over the line, but to me it looks like a seller's market where we can name our price. I'd absolutely be trading out Ryder as well FWIW, unless he hits career best form in the second half of the year which I seriously, seriously doubt will happen.
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