Autopsy Roos lose to the Dogs - Round 5, 2020

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Masked Avenger

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Nov 25, 2014
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North Melbourne
I caught this show 5 years ago. Seriously. Groundhog day stuff really. We've been a high arousal but low talent team for a long time. That's it. End of story. You can demand effort out of players but not talent. We beat GWS and suddenly heaps on this Board thought we're contenders and then go feral when reality hits. We killed GWS on effort. That's it. If a team matches us on effort, we're usually in trouble because then it's down to talent. Happened last night. Good news is that our talent base is genuinely on the move. Can't remember it being this good for 20 years. Let's do the smart thing and put games into the young
talent for the rest of the year and add two talented young kids through the draft. Ain't rocket science.
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Rod Stroker

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Oct 9, 2003
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Exactly, do you honestly expect Shaw to change 18 years of embedded culture in 15 games?

Clarko is going to be HOF coach have a look at his first 2 years as Head coach..

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He already had 2 gun mids in Hodge and Mitchell, and then picked up Buddy, Roughy, Lewis, Rioli.

All of them except Buddy went on to become 4 time premiership players.


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Nov 26, 2017
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North Melbourne
I don't buy the "not going to be part of our next flag" line - blokes like Ross Smith, Peter German and Matty Larkin in the late 80s/early 90s ended up "not being part of the next flag" but were significant players whose input was essential to a young side in transition. The problem with Hall, Atley, Macmillian isn't so much they aren't going to be in our next flag alone, it's that they aren't going to be in our next flag AND aren't contributing now. They offer nothing in either the long or short term.

Aside from that, you're right. A change of coach should have had some blokes shitting their pants that their career was over. Other blokes who had been in the wings would have seen it as an opportunity. But neither has happened. Only Taylor and Hayden have been playing this year having not been given much of a go under Brad. Only Hrovat was moved on at the end of last year. It's the same team, with the same flaws under a rookie coach who, to be fair, has been outcoached horribly for the past few weeks and not yet done anything visibly on or off field to change anything. I like him and think he'll get there, but for the first time, he's under pressure and needs to learn quickly.
Agree with all of this, he made the right decision to back himself in in regards to players like JMac, hall, atley ECT. He would have planned a full preseason working with these guys to see if he could make the changes needed to further develop these guys, he didn't get the preseason, so he backed himself in but China stuffed it up. Players like Curtis, Kyron and to some extent Larkey were never going to get a fair run under the previous coach, they weren't shiny enough toys for him, Rhyce has backed them in and look at we have, they are quality that would have been lost under Brad. Would anyone here believe Brad would have given Kyron a run let alone on Pendles? Love that Ryhce is prepared to take risks, great coaches always do.
It's jumping the gun to throw in the towel so soon, yes he's made mistakes, Cunners the glaring one, but he would still be making decisions under pressure to win. The moment he is confident enough to have faith he's built a team that doesn't rely on any one player he's there, but that takes more time than one draft and preseason.

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Oct 17, 2018
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North Melbourne

Are we the dumbest AFL club in the league? And when I mean dumbest, i mean in regard to football IQ.

Above is a picture of moths being drawn to the light. Now substitute the light for a football and then substitute the moths for our players. We continually have players drawn to the ball leaving their opponents free. Then the ball is handballed or kicked out from that contest and the opposition have free men running everywhere, making their chances of scoring against us so much easier. What the hell do our coaches do in the reviews? Do they no see this glaring issue?

The one time we were not suckered in was when we played GWS. We looked like a cohesive machine that day. However, for the last three weeks, we have looked like chooks with no heads running around aimlessly. It beggars belief how badly we have fallen back in the space of three weeks. Its like they have all gone back into their shells and it was like watching a brad scott coached team.

I hate losing just like I am sure the rest of our loyal supporters do, but if the team puts in an effort I can accept defeat. However, if they put in displays like the last three weeks, then that is just unacceptable.


Sep 13, 2016
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North Melbourne
Most poor display of skills, effort and gameplan/execution for some time

Any in the know posters (TAO?) - able to tell us:

- Is the defensive style (bomb long down the line and aimlessly into the 50, create a stoppage, repeat, repeat), Shaw’s game plan by design or the players not carrying out Shaw’s instructions?

- if it is Shaw’s game plan, is it a temporary design to try and minimise scoring because we don’t have the cattle?

- Can we expect more offensive, unpredictable and positive footy if and when he does have the cattle?

We have had some big wins when beating teams up under Shaw, but when we don’t bring the physical pressure, we have seen some of the most negative, statistically poor footy the club has ever played (Geelong 2019).

I don’t want to see the natural talent and instincts of another generation of young stars ******ed by negativity. Not sure we have it in us.

I think Shaw has brought and instilled a strong and professional culture to our club but very interested to hear more on his coaching ideals.

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