Autopsy Roos lose to the Dogs - Round 5, 2020

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Le Grille

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Feb 14, 2005
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North Melbourne
Trading Brown???? Serious? Jesus ******* Christ we would need an absolute kings ransom, he had an off week vs hawks and was absolutely torched by sub amateur disposal. This loss was on the midfield group, pretty livid about the performance from Higgins (pre injury ) particularly

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Sep 13, 2016
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North Melbourne
Second week in a row my 7 year old has been in tears. This week at 8 min mark of the third quarter.
Whilst he is in tears, blokes are having a laugh in the bench.....

After watching the 1st half, how can I keep my 7 year old from jumping ship?

He wasn't interested in the 2nd half and its going to be a push to get him to watch again this season tbh...

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sutcliffe's hotel

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Oct 30, 2005
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North Melbourne
Second week in a row my 7 year old has been in tears. This week at 8 min mark of the third quarter.
Whilst he is in tears, blokes are having a laugh in the bench.....
I hear you both. My 10yr old gets so emotionally invested he ends up distraught. Last night he decided to sit next to me and watch something else while keeping an eye on the score. Think I will struggle to convince him to join me at Metricon this weekend.

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Didn't get Luke Jackson NMFC :(
Mar 23, 2001
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I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt too. But my point is that Clarko took over a mess but immediately got busy making a great side. But by taking over a mess, he got the benefit of multiple high picks. He also traded aggressively (Thommo) and shipped off the cloggers. He also won just 14 games in his first two years. Shaw didn't have the high picks so invested into this year's draft with the Melbourne trade. But aside from that, this year seems like a holding year with the same sort of side being picked each week as what Scott was doing until a big clean-out and draft at the end of the year.

Im giving Shaw two full drafts and two full years before making comments on him directly and during that time im totally expecting him to make the occasional FU’s in game and at the selection table (cunners yesterday) as I don’t expect a Rookie coach to magically become Norm Smith overnight..


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Jun 13, 2011
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Does he have a mandate to restructure it? Is the Board prepared to bottom out?

This requires a minimum 3 year rebuild just to get us back into finals contention - let alone thinking about success at the pointy end.

We are in this dire position because of previous short cuts, a 'topping up' mentality, a mass over estimating of the ability of our players and an unwillingness to make unpopular decisions.

Brady seems like the guy who can fix this - but he is going to need a mandate to

(i) cut deep into the list over a 3 year period - only around 10 current players should still be there in 3 years time
(ii) make trades of senior players if we get offered overs
(iii) invest heavily in the draft - 5 picks inside 35 for 3 years straight

My guess is that we wont do the above - the Board wont have the stomach for it.

I made this same post 3 years ago and look where we are today - exactly the same position we were then.

And my guess is that we will do what we did 3 years ago - top up, aim to finish middle of the ladder and 'talk' about our 5th flag without making any hard decisions to actually achieve it.
Recent form puts the Goldie and Higgins re-signing last year into a different light. Keeping them is great if we’re near the pointy end of the ladder, but we’re not. Just imagine the recruiting power we would be taking into this year’s draft/trade period had we let this two go...


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Aug 15, 2013
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North Melbourne
Last night was a sh!t show for sure, but I'm not really invested atm. Was chatting online with a friend who lives in housing commission in North Melb while watching North's lack of effort on the screen and we didn't mention the footy once even though she is a footy nut too. I don't know what to make of a performance like that knowing that this whole season is not the real deal. No crowds, changing fixtures and venues, interstate hubs, lack of preparation, etc. The whole season is a sh!t show and is just continuing so clubs/AFL won't go bust. And with a bunch of our lads having to pack up and move out of home during the week and LMac doing the same hours before the game, it doesn't surprise me that they are not fully invested or focussed. We all know how much the game is played above the ears and it was obvious they hadn't come to play from the start. We have only played about 8 quarters with genuine intensity for the year and while I'm hating the last 3 weeks, I'm not surprised or particularly concerned. The footy is crap all round this season and the flag will be a bit of a raffle. So if we aren't going to be in the mix for the prize, this is the season to put games into players as there are big list management decisions at the end of the year, as many are mentioning.

FWIW, I think the points made about Shaw needing time to stamp his style, the need to focus on skills, and the serious decisions on the list are spot on. We should look at it as having 12 games (assuming this trend continues) at a footy camp on the Gold Coast to work on it.

Bring on next week 2021.



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May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
2003. Wet day. Carey was playing for them. Late in the year when finals were already a bust.

Haha ! 17 years ago ! 🤣

2011 last win v Port in Adelaide

Part of our problem. Wins interstate. Wins v Swans for 13 years. Wins at the MCG.
Winning at Corio.

Our recent record would be even worse without Hobart and we lost twice there last year.
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Mar 29, 2009
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North Melbourne
Can't understand the votes for Taz. His opponent kicked six, was best on ground and made us look like fools. Taz BoG? Nup.
People have given votes?? FMD, no one deserved a vote. How can anyone say that player X was worth the same amount as player Y from the GWS game?

If you gave any player a vote after that game you’re a moron.

Well, maybe LMac can have 1 vote, but that is it.

the flying ham

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Dec 12, 2006
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North Melbourne
Way too reliant on Cunners, jy and Higgo. When it clicks we are super but when one is out or having a dirty day the system collapses. More midfielders is a priority. Someone wrote our 2nd centre Square rotation on here, nearly fell off my chair

Daw, Larkey may stem the flow and stiffen us up but we will still have turnover laced footy.

The one thing I am bullish on is the quality of the kids. Jy, ky, Tt, CZ, CT, Larkey, Bailey - that's a 3rd of the side. But our midfield depth is a huge issue, and our disposal is woeful.
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Sep 13, 2011
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Harris 10

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Jun 8, 2004
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Recent form puts the Goldie and Higgins re-signing last year into a different light. Keeping them is great if we’re near the pointy end of the ladder, but we’re not. Just imagine the recruiting power we would be taking into this year’s draft/trade period had we let this two go...
GWS, *, Rich and Cats would be all over Goldy.
Higgo would have clubs in contention all over him as well.
We are in a position to pay some of the wage.

We have to consider it at years end.

Billy Not Really

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Apr 7, 2018
Licking windows at the back of the bus.
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North Melbourne
Some positives

Notice every player around Hayden is asking for the side handball or disposal to the corridor to add one too many linkups to our forward entry, which is something we do often we over possess the ball dramatically, only sides like the 2016 Bulldogs can get away with that many disposals.

Instead, he breaks a tackle, big tick, successful don't argue, doesn't rush his kick and keeps the ball moving forward to a marking option in Taylor who takes a fantastic grab, his marking is one of his strongest attributes. When you're going forward, back someone in like that.

North doesn't come off half back with any attack, we fu** around too much with moving the ball backwards and sideways instead of keeping the movement going forward, and that's probably because our team can't run both ways fast enough or we can't set up in our F50 well enough.

Masked Avenger

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Nov 25, 2014
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North Melbourne
Although I'm well and truly on the need for more talent bandwagon, some current structural issues could easily be improved. Our club certainly didn't stand in the 666 line. We suck at it actually. We play stoppage players at centre bounces. 666 suits players with burst speed or quick reflexes and hands. Jy stars. Jed doesn't. Secondly, team defence. Invading space and giving your mate a chop out is a good start. All have to do it not just some. Taz and Pittard do it. So does Daw when he plays. There's a couple who come to mind who aren't flash.


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Apr 3, 2008
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I know it’s stating the obvious but too many of our players are letting themselves down at the moment. Even Jy - good as he’s been in many ways - butchered his kicking on a couple of crucial occasions early in the game. Polec & Higgins did the same. These errors pretty much set the tone for the game. We never got going properly. When JMac lost that one-on-one in the centre of the ground, that was the game. The ball favoured him and he lost out to a much less experienced opponent and it led directly to a goal.

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