List Mgmt. Ross Lyon - Sacked

Is Ross still the man for the job?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2012
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You know what. Now a days i dont think a proven coach is the way to go

Perfect case is the bulldogs. Beveridge was not a proven coach but the players loved him and wanted to win for him

Also my pick caretaker coach Shauuuuuuuny mac !!!!

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Fat Nyfe

Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 18, 2012
AFL Club
I agree that things can't continue under Ross. It's a huge shame and I have always backed him. But the list of problems currently, almost all of which are his responsibility is too long to name in detail and I'm not writing an essay tonight.


We don't need an experienced coach. Paul Roos? Are you kidding? Ross Lyon based everything he knows off of Roos.

We need a quality, untried assistant coach who has fresh ideas, enthusiasm and deserves an opportunity.

Look at Adelaide with Don Pyke, the Bulldogs with Beveridge. Teams who have developed high risk, attacking gameplans whilst still being accountable.

There is gold out there to be found. Going after another experienced coach is the wrong call unless we could land someone like Clarkson, which ain't gonna happen.

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