List Mgmt. Ross Lyon - Sacked

Is Ross still the man for the job?

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salim malik

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Jan 14, 2008
Paradise on Earth.
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No. This thread was locked because of posters making baseless accusations about other posters. You were starting it up again. You need to apologise, at least, for the trolling. And you can’t say I wouldn’t do the same because I’ve already shown I’ll own my mistakes.
Do you understand what trolling is?

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2010
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You don't understand the concept of improvement and you're basing improvement on a figure (10 wins).
9 wins would do it too. More wins than the last two years would show improvement. Why is that so damn hard to understand?

Please don’t fall for the reframing game like everyone else. The question I was asked was where I saw us ending this year. I said 10 wins. I did not say 10 wins was my absolute baseline for improvement, just my “pass mark” for the season. That can mean that, to me, 9 wins wasn’t enough improvement.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 4, 2004
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How much better woud we be with Neale in the midfield, losing 25-30 possessions a game is a big loss.
We looked alright early on but Fyfe, Mundy, Walters have had to do the brunt of the work.
It's the same in the forward line losing, Hogan, Lobb, Tabs it's a bridge too far.
It has been compounded by Ross sticking to his guns, I beleive playing some players out of position, and not
dropping others.
The club closest style of team we could emulate are the Tigers, and they went from premiership contenders to also
rans from a few injuries
Should still make the 8, worked on another path, that's our fall down though, one trick ponies, rely on effort.
I was thinking today what a huge loss Neale is.

I'm sure there's a few factors involved but Fagan being who he is would have been a big one.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 27, 2005
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West Coast
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Yes, yes, I'm sure you're right.

Two years ago I couldn't find an Eagles supporter who didn't want Simpson sacked and they were also very vocal about. Thankfully for them the Eagles hierarchy was not listening to the extraneous noise - I hope our club is as strong.

That is not to say I believe Lyon should or shouldn't be sacked - I just don't think that decision is, or should be, driven by noise - and that's all we are.

Correct i was in that boat with him, we seemed stagnant in how we were playing, however Simmo made significant changes to the way he coached in game style and player selection, they are on record in saying they picked players for specific roles, did not try and turn a midfielder into a defender , and also moved on some assistants a well, in his time as coach we have regularly had new coaches come in. This when we were not going that bad and were still in finals.

Has Ross done this ?


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Mar 29, 2019
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Ross seriously needs a kick up the backside, thinks he can coast through as a mediocre coach in the current competition because our board and higher ups have no guts to do anything about it. Are we ahead of the rebuild? Yes. Should we be where we are though with this current list? Not a chance. The team we have is capable of playing finals and should be playing finals. Instead it's losing to Melbourne and Carlton and becoming the laughing stock of the competition yet again. Has Ross changed since 2015? I'd say he has, but it still isn't good enough the way we're going. I don't think we should sack him because we were applauding him a couple of weeks ago, but I expect better from this club and I expect results, which means I expect a win on Saturday.

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