Ross Smith or Bell???????


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Dec 6, 2000
Now our anger has had time to diee down at the Peter Bell saga, what are our thoughts on the Ross Smith v Peter Bell scenario from the 1996 Grand Final.

Bell was played,despite having an awful finals series, in the hope he would become a player for us.

He did and he left.

Ross Smith was one of our greats, of all time, missed out and captained the twos flag that day.

What are people's thoughts on that event, and its significance in the decision making process for Bell??????


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Dec 5, 2000
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My two cents,
I recently watched a replay of that game. Bell sat on the bench for the first quarter, he came on midway through the second. Bell played a great game, picking up many "good" touches near the packs. He proved his selection easily.

I think he had 20+ possesions in two and a half quarters of footy: which is good footy.

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Dec 7, 2000
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Bell had his spot in the team and had to actively lose it rather than have someone else win it off him. He had a poor finals series in 96 but his H&A season was very sound for a young player, so on season's form you'd have to have gone with Bell.
At the same time, I will forever be amazed at how ultra-consistent players like Smith (and in previous years guys like Peter German) fell out of favour seemingly during an off-season period and were used very sparingly when the season began (German 6 games in 94 I think, and Smith around 3 games in 96).

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Dec 8, 2000
Peter Bell is a pigmy midget skagg. I hope he follows in the footsteps of those other North players who made the fantastic career move to cross the Nullabour - namely Peter Mann, Stuart Anderson. You can be forgiven for saying who are they?


Dec 8, 2000
Home of Footy, Aust.
Although I have not watched the game for some time, from memory Belly put in a good one. You can't predict how Ross Smith may have played, but with the final margin as it was, I believe the result would be unaffected regardless of Smith or Bell. On the principle of the matter, I much prefer to go with head than heart when it comes to the GF.


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Feb 18, 2000
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If we're going to talk about Peter Bell vs Ross Smith, then why not Stuart Anderson vs Matthew Armstrong?

Anyway, these Peter Bell topics are now going to make us look like those sad bitter bastards over at Schnell Stadium after Colbert decided to leave their going nowhere team. So, stay cool, we've picked up some good prospects from the deal, and like I said in another thread, by September 2001, Bell will be at Arden Street, watching us train for the finals, and wondering what the f*** was he thinking when he wanted to leave.


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Dec 8, 2000
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North Melbourne
Any one interested to know what the Roos have got Ross Smith doing now?

I was worried that he'd been shafted given that he wasn't visible on the North table during the draft telecast. Then when I was at the club purchasing my membership today I nearly tripped over him.

They've created a position for him as Branding Manager. That is, forming alliances with clubs of other leagues in attempt to convert them into using the Kangaroo mascot thing. Its hoped that this will bring new supporters across in the future. The club must consider this a viable venture to dedicate someone to it full time.

For the record, I know I'm only new here but I think Belly is still our little champion. I have no bitter feelings towards him but god knows how I'll feel when I see that giant anchor emblazoned across his chest.

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