Rumour Roughie got on the Charls Saturday night.

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Aug 26, 2019
AFL Club
West Coast
A West Coast informant ought to be taken seriously, to be fair.
I can't believe the "West Coast druggies" is still actually a thing. People act like no drugs were in AFL before the mid 00's Eagles and there's none since. It's either fishing material for west coast fans or blind obtuseness from people so burnt up with jealousy it's adding to global warming.


Club Legend
May 22, 2016
AFL Club
The video I've seen showed Roughy in full playing kit after a woman handed his wife a tampon.

Considering Hawks played in Perth on Saturday night and Roughy was reportedly in Tassie at Jordan Lewis' last game, he would've needed more than coke to be everywhere that day, and kitted up for a game he was very publicly not playing :tearsofjoy: :straining: