Rumour Roughie got on the Charls Saturday night.

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Silent Alarm

sack Lyon
Jul 9, 2010
AFL Club
There is more chance of being found with a baggie in your purse while going through security at the pleb gates than there is walking into the changerooms next to the man of the moment.

He was probably a good hour away from even leaving the ground.

Footballers can be very very dumb but they're half-smart about drug use. No one, not the wife of a what, 250 gamer with a high-profile, is going to walk drugs into the rooms. Even when they're out at clubs they get their mate to carry it on them.


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Nov 8, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
Alright I recall the reasoning earlier in the thread for the video being taken down was because of the twitter account it was attached to making suggestions.

Here is a reddit thread where the title does not suggest anything negative and has the video.

Surely this passes as acceptable? If this post goes down well that would be quite interesting.

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