Review Round 1, 2021: Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons, 18 April 2021, 12.05pm @ BHCO

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Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2014
AFL Club
I hadn't realised Finn Maginness was playing.
He's basically not playing as a midfielder. He's playing as a dedicated tagger shutting down his opponent and he's done that very well. Him not getting involved beyond that is the price BH is playing for his defensive development, especially without Cousins.

Soaring Hawk

Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
Love the fact that I can get it on tv in Adelaide!

Bramble is nippy and clean with his hands. Would like to see him given a chance on the wing.

Jeka is impressive. Like to see him in the firsts. May need to get a bit quicker, but has AFL qualities.

Ned will make it. Tap work impressive. Some big field marks too.

Ceglar beaten regularly by Daw. ‘nuff said.

Brooksby is a big unit, not sure he’d run out a game in the seniors. Did I just see him as a rover in the centre bounce? Bizarre.

Fergus Greene playing the Gunston role to good effect. Seems to be quicker than I recall.

Weidemann n Jetta impressive for Casey.

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