Game Day Round 1: Brisbane vs Essendon, Southpines Sporting Complex, Saturday 17/04/2021 @ Midday

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Jan 11, 2007
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The VFL season is back! Our opening game is against NEAFL heavyweights Brisbane, who were the reigning champions as well as being the most successful side in the competition's brief history, with the two sides looking to back up very strong 2019's, Brisbane winning their comp and Essendon finishing in 4th of theirs.

Brisbane have a relatively small AFL injury list so they won't have to tap into too many of their supplementary players for round 1, but former VFL Don Wilson Berry has moved to Brisbane for work and will be looking to get a gig against his former side. Brisbane did okay in their practice matches, winning the same amount as they lost, and will have quite a few players coming back for round 1 in what should be an exciting clash.

Essendon's large AFL injury list means they'll have to tap deeply into their inexperienced VFL list that has had a lot of changeover since the last time they played. However their main core of players has only had a couple of changes to it and they will be looking to go better from 2 seasons ago. Essendon's standout in pre-season from a few reports has been Angus Baker, the former Canberra Demon missing out on an AFL list spot. Essendon struggled a bit in the practice matches, letting their younger members try out for a spot.

Possible sides:

Brisbane vs Essendon

FB: Brock Smith - Darcy Gardiner - Davidas Uosis
FF: Lachlan Johnson - Peter Wright - Danny Younan
HB: Jaxon Prior - Wilson Berry - Noah Answerth
HF: Patrick Ambrose - Josh Eyre - David Zaharakis
MF: Harry Sharp - Deven Robertson - Rhys Mathieson
MF: Brady Rowles - Josh Tynan - Tom Cutler
HF: Tom Joyce - Connor Ballenden - Blake Coleman
HB: Tom Hird - Cody Brand - Ned Cahill
FF: Nakia Cockatoo - Daniel McStay - Keidean Coleman
FB: Martin Gleeson - Zach Reid - James Harrold
OB: Henry Smith - Ely Smith - Cameron Ellis-Yolmen
OB: Nick Bryan - Joe Atley - Kyle Dunkley

IC: Michael Carter - Saxon Crozier - Braedyn Gillard - Tom McKenzie
IC: Angus Baker - Charlie Byrne - Bruno Laguda - Matthew Day
IC: Josh D'Intinosante - Ben Reddick - Ben Jepson - Tyen Browning
IC: Josh Kemp - Sam McLarty - Daniel Thompson - Josh Smithson
23P: Aaron Clarke
23P: Sam Conforti

I think we're a good chance here, but Brisbane will be tough and I reckon they'll get up by 12 points

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May 5, 2009
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vfl games will be shown on kayo as a freebie, along with a general push into second tier, local sport comps.
Had a look at kayo and this weeks games will be the Sydney Derby, Geelong/North and, most importantly, Essendon and Brisbane.


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Nov 28, 2015
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Appears the game might be moved from one ungodly place to an even more unholy ground.

Please go easy and don’t hurt our kids.

Essendon VFL by a lot.


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May 6, 2007
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Appears the game might be moved from one ungodly place to an even more unholy ground.

Please go easy and don’t hurt our kids.

Essendon VFL by a lot.
You guys should be a good shout in this one.. looking forward to it

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Aug 9, 2017
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Unfortunately with Kayo getting the rights to stream looks like it'll be inaccessible for folks overseas. Streaming rights deals still stuck in the dark ages.

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