Autopsy Round 1 v Tigers - If only the quarters were longer

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Oct 4, 2018
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Look poor start (down by 50 at one point). But to get back the way we did with a man down and barely any forward was great to see. Docherty, Cripps Martin, Weitering were great. Special mention to Seton who looked a class above with the ball in hand. Jones fought back after a poor first quarter, and Casboult was great in the ruck when Kreuzer went down. Hoping for a better start to games in the future and hopefully we can get some wins on the board.

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Oct 9, 2015
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Weitering - Star

Martin - Star

Docherty - Star welcome back you beautiful bastard.

Dow and Setterfield - walk home.

Walsh - ok, but did he even attend one centre bounce? Needs to be less rushed.

Cuningham - redeemed himself a little.

Our start can not be forgiven, just atrocious intensity and we lost the game in about 5 minutes.


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Oct 16, 2016
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Terrific: SPS, Crippa, Doc (welcome back) Martin (thank Christ for him) Levi (thank Christ we kept him) Weitering

Very good: JSOS, Jones after three quarter time

Decent: Fisher, Plow, Walsh, Simmo, Newnes

Need a stick of dynamite up their bum: Setterfield, Dow (should both be dropped) Murphy (for the lazy decision making)

Meh: Ed (though he tried) Cunners (though he kicked two and should have had three), Gov

Not sure they add much: Newman, Gibbo

Injured: Krooz :-(

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Aug 18, 2006
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Can't underestimate Casboults importance.
When Kreuzer went down he was great in the ruck.
Did it all over the ground.
Yep, awesome. He steps up but can't be relied upon to be the main ruckman in a game. Doesn't work. Need pittonet or TDK or both

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