Preview Round 10 2021 - Richmond V Brisbane - Friday May 21st - 7:50PM - Premiership Oval #2

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Nov 5, 2007
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Round 10

Brisbane 4th vs Richmond 8th

When – Friday Night – 7:50PM

Where – Richmond’s Premiership Home Ground # 2

Hardwick DOES NOT hate this ground and the Players DO NOT hate coming here.



Last 3 Games show Lions got over us in the first final, this was the Lions GF obviously after they lost their PF which saw us play Geelong in the GF. I cannot stress enough that Lions should have been the 2020 premiers with an * over it.

Lions have come good in the last 5 weeks with a 5-0 record since their bad start. However with "key injuries" to Lester and Gardiner from this weekends game the media will forget about our injuries and focus on the undermanned Lions VS the Premiers.

On the game, it seems we play a very different style to them.

The key change I can see is our running game, we have to back this style in. Chaos is king. We have to run and bounce and take the game on.

Review 1.png

They love a kick and mark an will try and hold onto the ball.

Key Match Ups

Key Backs vs Key Fowards
Midfielders vs Midfielders
Key Forwards vs Key Backs
Wings vs Wings

Lets be honest, it is a terrible time to write something special on key match ups as the team on the weekend got thrown around so much. Vlaustin in the guts, Lynch on the Wing, Baker backs, forwards, mids, Balta forwards, Ruck and back..... and so on.

The Lions are a TALL forward line, so team defence is key, Astbury needs to lift, Vlaustin should be better for the last couple of weeks and Balta HAS to play back. We just need his closing speed a leap. They have another player, Charlie someone who cries heaps. Grimes will take him. Irrelevant.

The Midfield is so interesting again. Baker is a Jet, the kid makes me close my eyes when he goes at 100% into a back. RCD showed what he can do, the confidence from game to game was clear, he will start in the midfield again. Dusty will rotate between forwards and mids, but lets be honest, he does what he wants against the lions and it works.

Our Forwards, hmmmm. The treatment they get without a free kick is so very Richmond like. So often they're 2 v 1. They also seem to be leading into the same zone creating a larger pack than what otherwise would be needed. Lynch is missing shots, its killing me, but he is still getting shots. He is a star and will turn it around. Time to lay off the man or eat your own words when it changes. And it will.

The Team

Unchanged ?

Caddy was elite in the VFL
Dow looked a level above
CCJ kicked 5
Stack is Stack, he belongs at AFL level when fit
MRJ is oh lord, I can't even put it words - cannot wait until fitness staff say he is ready
Edwards - Is he coming back quicker than we thought?

With - Soldo, Prestia, Lambert, Cotchin, Edwards, Bolton all out - Its great to have pressure on spots.


Thank god it will be back to normal on Friday.



Richmond by 1

What runs around a field but never moves - A Fence.


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Dr Tigris

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Aug 19, 2009
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Expect us to lose. But if we play like 2nd half against Giants we're a shot.

Midfield is very weak. But the ones coming in have seriously shown some cahoonies. If Lynch can kick straight it'll help hugely. And if JR can get his mojo back we're looking good.

But the Lions are on a tear. Damn good side playing very well.

Hoping but not expecting.

one eyedtiger

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Jan 4, 2008
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Going to be a tough one to win, it's why the GWS win was so massive it gives us some breathing space and dropping this game isn't disastrous. The one thing we don't want is to get blown away and our percentage takes a massive hit.

Once again we are going to need role players to stand up and have good-very good games to give us a chance. Selection will be interesting given some guys played well in the VFL but unless someone is managed I can't see any changes. (Barring Edwards actually getting up and being fit)

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Jul 15, 2014
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Probably the least confident I’ve been all season. Unfortunately this looks like another thumping unless maybe Edwards makes his way back into our side. Their ends are in good form and

They’ll make us pay if we play anything like the last couple of weeks.
- 17 marks inside 50 by GWS to our 9
- 20 marks inside 50 by Geelong to our 6

Add that to:
- 16 marks inside 50 by Port Adelaide to our 6
- 15 marks inside 50 by Sydney to our 10

earlier in the season and a worrying trend is starting to emerge. I don’t remember differentials like this so often in quite some time because it’s just been something that we‘ve been decent to excellent at since 2017.

Whether I am right or wrong is a whole different story, but I personally think (only in my own opinion) that this is happening because we’re down a tall. We keep taking a tall from defence or the forward line like Balta, Astbury or Lynch and that leaves us too short on the ends. This then leads to the opposition having multiple marking options up forward and having the leverage to double-team or even triple-team Riewoldt or Lynch when the other is in the ruck. Therefore, I think we must play CCJ for structural reasons but that’s just me.

Anyways, we seem to like playing against Brisbane especially in prime time so I fully expect us to bring our effort. Whether that’s enough is a different story. Just keep the percentage above 100% and play CCJ please Richmond.

All Aust

Baby Got Back
Oct 29, 2020
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Hit 'em early hit 'em hard. Want pain on the scoreboard but. We have to clock the sausages. 2.5 at quarter time - not frightening nobody's Grandma or motormouth Charlie.

6.1 at first break, YEAH BABY.....HUMMING. The Tiges kids brigade are up and about, bulletproof. Brisbane are the bears again, banished to Carrara.

Continue breaking lines and spotting up forwards leading into space after Q1. No dumb 50's gifted.

Want Harris second guessing, Rich made accountable deep. McCarthy and Daniher starved and grounded chasing kicks, high. Hipwood sulking. Zorko and PsychoRob too busy chasing tail to have time for the niggle.

We owe them this for QF 2020.


Jack Graham That Is 🏆🏆🏆
Sep 13, 2015
Hillary Step
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Do you guys also remember how the umpires gave Brisbane 9 50-metre penalties in the first 6 quarters of our 2 games against them last year? It’d be great if they don’t repeat that effort again this year.
The ones against Dusty and Bolton in that QF made my blood boil


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 25, 2007
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Three keys to beating the Brions.

Make sure Rich doesn't get a paddock all to himself...

Show Charlie an invisible spark plug and wink at him before the game...

With Charlie left to rely on shanks' pony, the finer points of their game plan - which mostly revolve around rubbing his boof head for luck - completely collapse...

Leaving them stranded in the Couldabeen Champions category where they belong...

Restoring order to yet another season and the universe at large...

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