Discussion Round 10 Discussion (Dedicated to Noah 'The Beast' Balta)

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go you pups

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Jun 27, 2013
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Western Bulldogs
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Tottenham Hotspur, SSC Napoli, ESH

Rockliff hammy, Smith and Boak a little down and them Melbourne flogs called Clayton and Angus stopped me from going mega, but anyways, a decent week nevertheless and hopefully one I can capitalise on now and get a 3 digit rank in the upcoming weeks

All about being able to cover Rocky next week now, but he has his bye after that, so it might not be the worst injury hold

Will try and only make 1-2 trades the next 2 weeks, then will smash out 7-8 trades between rounds 13-15 to complete my side and hopefully nail the byes in the process, I think I'm pretty well set up for the first bye week, just all up to some duds getting a game. If 18 play then happy days

Leaves 5-6 trades for injuries hopefully

Seymour Skinner

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Aug 5, 2014
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Springfield Isotopes
Seymour Skinner 8th top score for the round. Magnificent effort mate! 49pts off top score.

Top scorer 2648 had 8 FN rookies on field.
G A G F you tin ass campaigner
Kinda glad I got done by a significant margin. Would of been flat if it was only a couple points!

I hope we can do Noah Balta round every week. I did it for him.
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